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First of all I need you to login to my blackboard here https://ut.blackboard.com in order to do this assignment. So the username: ahmad.almal


After you login you need to go to accounting information system class after that your left side you will see student tools then click atomic learning then will open new page. Search for Ecxel 2016

Then watch the training video that required in the assignment instructions. ( SP 4 )

I will attach 2 files

- The assignment instructions

- The assingment policy

Also I will provide a pictures how to login step by step

SUPPLEMENTAL PREP: SPREADSHEET ANALYTICS (EXCEL) ACC 351: Accounting Information Systems Instructor: Dr. M. Walters Supplemental Prep Assignment. This assignment requires students to complete training/research for a selected course topic. Required Submission: Each student will be required to submit a write-up of work completed. Write-ups must be properly prepared, formatted, and submitted in accordance with instructions in the “Assignment Policies” documents posted on Blackboard. Write-ups must be submitted to Blackboard before 10:00 AM on the submission deadline date indicated on the course syllabus. Late, emailed, or hardcopy write-ups will NOT be accepted. REQUIREMENTS Synthesize an understanding of spreadsheet analytics functions and their relevance for risk management. MS Excel is available in selected computer labs (see Blackboard). The following resources have been posted to Blackboard or are available online. • • Excel 2016 Training (n.d.). Hoonuit/Atomic Learning. Avail https://www.atomiclearning.com. Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) (2011). Data Analytics: A Practical Approach. Rolling Meadows, IL: ISACA. Retrieved from www.isaca.org. Note: Hoonuit/Atomic Learning may be accessed via Blackboard (under the “Student Tools” button) or via the website (http://www.atomiclearning.com/login/ut/, log on using Spartans Domain user ID and password). Search for tutorials using the search box (search for “Excel 2016”) or drop-down menus. Briefly respond to the following: 1. Data Analytics. Conduct research online to synthesize an understanding of data analytics. a. Data Analytics. Define data analytics and explain its relevance to accounting/business practice. Hint: Search for “data analytics”. b. Data Analytics vs. Statistics. Discuss the difference between data analytics and statistics. Which has greater significance for accounting/business practice? Explain. Hint: Search for “data analytics vs. statistics”. c. Data Analytics & Risk Management. Discuss the relevance of data analytics to risk management (i.e., How might data analytics be utilized to support risk management processes?). Hint: Search for “data analytics and risk management” or “IT risk analytics”. 2. Microsoft (MS) Excel Analytics Functions. Review MS Excel data analytics functions (statistical analysis, charting). a. MS Excel Atomic Learning Tutorials (statistics). Complete the Excel 2016 – Statistical Analysis tutorials: A. Describing Data (required), B. Comparing Variables (required), C. Tests of Significance (required), and D. Data Analysis ToolPak (required) module tutorials. List modules completed and provide a brief synopsis what you learned within each module (Note: You do not have to provide a synopsis of each individual tutorial video within each module). b. MS Excel Atomic Learning Tutorials (charting). Complete Excel 2016 – Charting tutorials: B. Overview of Charts (required), C. Chart Tabs and Ribbons (required), D. Format Your Chart (required), E. Present Your Chart (required), F. Working with Sparklines (optional), and G. New Chart Types (optional) module tutorials. List modules completed and provide a brief synopsis what you learned within each module (Note: You do not have to provide a synopsis of Walters ACC 351 Supp Prep Assignment 1 each individual tutorial video within each module). 3. Risk Assessment Tools. Conduct research on risk assessment tools. a. Identify one MS Excel function/tool that may be used to support risk assessment. Explain how the identified function/tool facilitates the risk assessment process. b. Many professionals contend that spreadsheets such as MS Excel are inadequate tools for contemporary risk assessment purposes. Research this issue online and discuss. Do you agree? Explain. Hint: Search for “using spreadsheets for risk assessment” or “spreadsheet inadequacies for risk assessment.” c. Identify one alternative risk analysis software application/tool and carefully explain its use. Hint: Search for “risk assessment software” or “risk assessment tools” or more specifically “IT risk analytics software” or “IT risk analytics tools”. Walters ACC 351 Supp Prep Assignment 2
ASSIGNMENT PREP/SUB REQUIREMENTS ACC 351: Accounting Information Systems Instructor: Dr. M. Walters This document provides instructions/requirements for preparing/submitting course assignments. Review this document carefully before attempting course assignments. Failure to prepare assignments in accordance with stipulated requirements will result in point penalties. ACCESSING COURSE ASSIGNMENTS All required assignments will be posted to Blackboard under the “Assignments” button. To access a particular assignment, 1. Access. Access Blackboard (http://ut.blackboard.com) and log in (using your user ID and password), click on the course link, then click the “Assignments” button. 2. Open. Click the link for the appropriate assignment folder (if necessary), then click the file link for the assignment you wish to view. The file link will allow you to open/download the assignment file. Note: PDF files will open automatically. MS Word files will download then ask you if you would like to “open” the file. I recommend you open then save the assignment file to your computer so that you may refer to it while working on the assignment. PREPARING COURSE ASSIGNMENTS All required assignments must be prepared according to the following requirements. 1. Assignment Responses. Read assignment requirements carefully to ensure responses are complete, relevant, and demonstrate logical application of course concepts. Assignment submissions must include ONLY appropriately labeled responses to stated requirements. Do NOT submit the original assignment instructions/requirements with your responses; submit only your responses. 2. Assignment Formatting. Assignment submissions must follow stipulated formatting, writing, and referencing requirements. a. File Format. Assignment files must be prepared as a single MS Word file (unless otherwise instructed). Alternative document formats and/or multiple file submissions will NOT be accepted (unless otherwise instructed). b. File Name. Assignment files must possess an abbreviated file name that includes both an abbreviated assignment designation and your/your team leader’s last name (e.g., “PA 1Walters”). c. Cover Page. All assignment submissions must include a cover page that includes the course designation (i.e., “ACC 351: Accounting Information Systems”), the assignment designation (e.g., “PA 1”), your/each participating team member’s name (team leader’s name listed first on team assignments), the current term (fall/spring year), and the times/days the class section meets. d. Formatting. Assignment submissions must be properly formatted with one-inch margins,1 left justification,2 Times New Roman 12-point font,3 single-spacing,4 section headings (as appropriate), and proper pagination (with page numbers placed in the lower right-hand corner of each page).5 MS Word formatting defaults are NOT necessarily consistent with these The MS Word default margins may be changed via the “Layout” tab under “Margins”. Left justification is the MS Word default; justification may be changed via the “Home” tab under “Paragraph”. 3 The MS Word default font may be changed via the “Home” tab under “Font”. 4 The MS Word default line spacing may be changed via the “Home” tab under “Paragraph”; be sure to select 0 pt before/after (not Auto or 6, 8, or 10 pt before/after) and “single spacing” (not 1.5, double or multiple spacing) 5 Page numbers may be added and placed via the “Insert” tab under “Header & Footer”. 1 2 Walters Assign Prep/Sub Req 1 requirements; you will need to change default formatting (see footnotes). e. Organization. Assignment responses must be organized, numbered, and labeled consistent with assignment requirements. If table templates are provided, table templates must be used to organize responses to requirements. f. Length. Assignment submissions must not exceed stipulated page lengths (including written responses, supporting content, and references but excluding the cover page). g. Writing Mechanics. Assignment responses requiring a text response (as opposed to a diagram, spreadsheet, or table response) must be well written in prose form,6 communicate points clearly, flow logically, use appropriate language/word choice, and follow proper English spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Proofread and revise all work carefully before submitting. h. Supporting Content. Assignment submissions may contain supporting diagrams, tables, or other illustrations. Supporting content must be clear, relevant, professional, and visually appealing. All supporting content must be integrated into MS Word to allow assignment submission as a single MS Word file (unless otherwise instructed). Diagrams must be constructed using MS Visio and copied into a MS Word file. i. Citation/Referencing. Assignment submissions must include proper in-text citations and endof-text references. You must cite/reference ALL print and non-print sources that you rely on in constructing responses to assignment requirements; this includes (but is not necessarily limited to) class materials (e.g., lectures, notes, texts) and outside sources (e.g., online resources) used to complete course assignments. Failure to provide proper citation/reference information constitutes plagiarism even if you paraphrase. See the “Citation/Referencing Requirements” document (posted on Blackboard) for guidance. 3. Assignment Questions. If you have questions on an assignment, you may email me or see me during scheduled office hours. Please be prepared to ask specific questions. Note that, if the assignment on which you seek help is a graded assignment (as opposed to a participation or practice exercise), I will respond to specific concept or requirement clarification queries only. I will NOT help you complete the assignment requirements nor will I "pre-grade" the assignment prior to formal submission for credit. Please do NOT forward assignments to me and request comments/corrections prior to the submission deadline. SUBMITTING COURSE ASSIGNMENTS Assignment files must be submitted according to the following requirements. 1. Submission Deadlines. Assignment files must be submitted to Blackboard BEFORE 10:00 AM on the assignment due date indicated on the syllabus assignment schedule (or otherwise announced in class). Late assignments will NOT be accepted resulting in zero credit. 2. Submission File Format. Assignment files must be submitted as a single MS Word file (unless otherwise instructed). Alternative document formats and/or multiple file submissions will NOT be accepted (unless otherwise instructed). 3. Team Submissions. Teams must submit a single assignment file for team-based assignments. The team leader (or duly designated member of the team) must submit team-based assignment files. Assignments submitted as multiple files by different team members will NOT be accepted. 6 Prose form refers to ordinary written language consisting of complete sentences, proper grammar, paragraph structure, appropriate punctuation, and logical flow of ideas as commonly used in essays, letters, memos, stories, and novels. Prose is distinguished from poetry or verse (which is characterized by rhyme, meter, and verse structure) and bulleted/numbered/outlined lists (which are characterized by a series of disconnected ideas often presented as sparsely worded descriptions or incomplete sentences). Note Re Bullet Points: Bulleted/numbered points may be used to emphasize key details/points, but should not be used excessively. Walters Assign Prep/Sub Req 2 4. Submit. Assignment files must be submitted to Blackboard via the correct assignment link. Emailed or hardcopy assignments will NOT be accepted. To submit an assignment to Blackboard: a. Access. Access Blackboard (http://ut.blackboard.com) and log in (using your user ID and password), click on the course link, then click the “Assignments” button. b. Open. Click the link for the appropriate assignment folder (if necessary), then click the assignment link (NOT the file link) for the assignment you wish to submit. c. Attach. Scroll down to the area labeled “Attach Files” and click “Browse My Computer”. This will bring up the file manager showing the list of files on your computer. Find the finalized assignment document, select, and then click “open” (or “choose”). IF you have been instructed to submit more than one file, you must attach additional file(s) BEFORE you click “submit” (as Blackboard will not allow you to submit additional files once you have clicked “submit”). d. Verify. Carefully verify that you are submitting the correct version of the assignment BEFORE you attempt to submit.7 Check to ensure the correct file name(s) appear in the “Attached Files” box. e. Submit. Once you have verified attached file(s), click “Submit”. You must click “Submit” NOT “Save Draft” to submit your assignment. f. Confirm. If the assignment was successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation message. Assignments will show up as “!” in the Blackboard grade book until a score has been posted. 7Important Note: I will grade only what you submit to Blackboard via the appropriate assignment link. I will NOT search for assignments on the team file exchange. I will NOT “clear” assignments so you can resubmit even if you inadvertently submit the wrong file or neglect to attach the file. I will NOT accept resubmissions of assignments (or parts of assignments) if you inadvertently submit incorrect, incomplete, or incompatible files. As such, it is very important that you carefully verify assignment submissions BEFORE you click “submit”. Walters Assign Prep/Sub Req 3

Tutor Answer

School: Carnegie Mellon University



Spreadsheet Analytics (Excel)

a. Data analytics is a term used to refer to incite or what is learnt from data analysis of data
or data sets whether data is analyzed manually or using data analysis software like excel.
Given the size of data when dealing with accounting information, data analytics becomes
necessary for accounting. In business practice, a lot of data is collected in marketing
research and other operations. To draw conclusion data analytics is required to give incite
of market trends.
a. Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with methods of data collection
interpretation and analysis. In statistics, the hypothesis is constantly used to
validate a given scenario while data analytics is a field that combines statistical
methods, machine learning and algorithms with the main aim of mining data to
gain a meaningful incite and finding to develop an actionable plan
b. Data Analytics has a greater significance on business compared to statistics; this
is because data analytics is aimed at reaching an appropriate interpretation of data.
With the advent of big data science businesses are engaging more with market
research. As a result, an analysis of the data needs to be very deep for the business
to make decision guided by the data collected.
c. In the recent year’s competition among businesses have increased. Each business is
looking out for new ideas to gain an edge in the market against competitors, as
technologies increase there has been an increase of the data corrected ranging from
mobile data to social media uses data. All this data is analyzed so and used in making
decisions in businesses. In risk management collection of data and analysis of the data is

not enough to make a sound decision. As a result data analytics becomes very important
to ensure that incite is drawn from the data availed. Data analytics can draw conclusions
that can best describe future trends in business .For example the sales of an item in a
given region. To mitigate the foreseen future risks data analytics can be used in
developing risk management plan for the product.
a. Excel 2016 - Statistical Analysis
In this module, I covered the following modules;

Describing data

Comparing variables u...

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