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I have attached a file. Please read the whole thing. There are 3 topics you can pick and write a persuasive essay. It has to be APA style. There should be atleast 6 sources and you should cite them in both the essay and the references page at the end. Leave out the cover page.

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COMM 104: Written Persuasive Appeal (Final Paper) For your final course paper, you will write a 2-3 page paper on one of the controversial topics listed below (see “Paper Topics”). The purpose of this paper is for you to choose a stance on a controversial issue and integrate your knowledge about rhetoric and persuasion to defend that stance. To do this effectively, you must conduct research on your topic and apply course concepts by creating a compelling and logical argument based on evidence. This assignment is worth 100 points. For grading criteria, see the Written Persuasive Appeal Rubric located in the Final Paper folder on eCampus. What to include in your paper: Structure your paper in an organized manner so that there is an introduction, body, and conclusion. ▪ In the introduction paragraph of your paper, make sure to clearly state your argument/claim. Your claim should be specific (e.g., if you are arguing for the legalization of marijuana, are you arguing that it should be legalized under all circumstances or just certain circumstances?). ▪ In the body paragraphs of your paper, provide reasons (about 3) to support your argument/claim. Make sure to incorporate compelling evidence and various types of appeals that we have discussed throughout the course to persuade your audience. You should also address and refute potential opposing viewpoints. ▪ In the conclusion paragraph, summarize your claim/argument and the reasons you used in support. In addition, go beyond these points by providing implications about your argument. What should your audience do now? Format: Your 2-3 page paper should be typed and double-spaced, use 12-point Times New Roman font, have 1” margins, and follow APA 6th edition format for all in-text and reference citations. Visit http://libguides.wvu.edu/apa for clarification on APA style. The final paper must also include a separate cover page (that includes your name, date, section #, and ID#; see example cover page located in the Final Paper folder) and a copy of the rubric. Your document must be stapled. References: You must use at least 6 sources (that are credible, up-to-date, and relevant) to support your argument/claim. All sources must be cited both in-text and in the References section of your paper using APA 6th edition format. Paper Topics: You must create and support an argument/claim based on ONE of the following three topics. 1. Should college athletes be paid? 2. Should individuals have the right to end their lives by means of euthanasia (physicianassisted suicide)? 3. Should higher education be free for students? Due date: Unauthorized late and/or emailed papers will not be accepted. You must hand in a printed copy of your paper by the beginning of class on the day it is due. ...
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Payment to College Athletes
Institution Affiliation



In the society today, there have been so many controversies on whether students who take
part in athletics should be paid. There is one school of thought who believes they should be paid
while the other completely believes that they should not be paid (Wojtys, 2016). In my opinion,
it is not a good idea to pay college athletes at all in any given circumstance. This is because they
will end up receiving payment to study and to play the sport of their choice (Currie and Duncan,
2011). The only manner in which the college athletes should receive payment is via financial
assistance or when they have a job. They can also get scholarships to study and in addition to all
these, they talents are enriched and molded more for the future as they are still studying. Despite
the fact that they bring money through the spots into the college and the community at large they
ought not to be paid.
College Athletes Should Not Be Paid
There are various reasons to support this argument. First, students who take part in
athletics in colleges are usually already on scholarships which provide tuition fee, housing within
the campus, meals which they take from the dining hall, medical expenses and travel expenses
when they go for away games. This then raises the question of why else would they require more
money. If given cash or a salary, the athletes would end up spending it on wants rather than on
needs. This would eventually lead them to debts which they might not have gotten into if they
only received the scholarships alone. They also receive money for other basic needs incorporated

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