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You have been assigned a project in class to create an intervention for at risk low income preschoolers in a elementary school in Baltimore. Many of the students have been exhibiting behavioral issues in the classroom setting.

Examine how each of the constructs of the social cognitive theory have played a role in the development of these behavioral issues. Briefly outline a strategy teachers can use to begin to address the behavioral issues.

The Topic is About: Social Cognitive Theory

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CHAPTER 7 Social Cognitive Theory Let’s Review • Transactional Model and Stress and Coping – A framework of evaluating processes of coping with stressful events – Key constructs • • • • • Primary appraisal – Stressors having control over you Secondary appraisal – Having control over stressor Coping effects – Tools to address the stressor Meaning based coping – More specific tools to address stressor Adaptation – Outcomes of addressing the stressor Let’s Review Social Cognitive Theory Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) • Explains human behavior in terms of a three-way, dynamic, reciprocal model in which personal factors, environmental influences, and behavior continually interact • Provides a framework for understanding, predicting, and changing human behavior • A basic premise of SCT is that people learn not only through their own experiences, but also by observing the actions of others and the results of those actions Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) General Principles 1. People can learn from observing others’ behavior 2. Learning can occur with observation alone (no immediate change in behavior) 3. Cognition plays an important role in learning ( knowing result, consequences from learned behavior) 4. People have control over their actions
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Role of Social Cognitive Theory Constructs In the Development of Behavioural Issues
Social cognition is the manner in which person process, remember, and apply
information in social contexts to describe and predict their behavior and that of other people
(Fayden 16). The social cognition of children, for instance, the pre-schoolers in the
Elementary school of Baltimore ...

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