Hi can you write me a 5-7 page research paper about the book, "The Color of Water"?

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For this paper, you must intertwine evidence from the text with evidence from research.

- You may conduct a study of the social, political, or economic context in which a work was written. How does the context influence the work? If you choose to complete this topic, please review New Historicism theory. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

- You may look at the various parts of the work, such as language, setting, symbols (as you interpret them) and write an essay showing how one or several of these parts contribute to a certain theme in the work. Such practice is called formalism (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

- You may write a paper which focuses on character analysis (Ruth's or James' or a comparison of both) using psychoanalytic criticism. Connect your research findings to the text. Here is some further information: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

-You may approach the text with a feminist criticism perspective. Below is more information:

Feminist Criticism (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

- You may research various parenting styles and draw conclusions about Ruth's parenting techniques.

- You may explore a topic of your interest based on your analysis of the text.

Write a well-developed thesis that supports a 5-7 page paper. After you draft your thesis, proceed to complete your research. Derive your findings from a variety of sources. You must have a minimum of four sources. Two of your sources must be originated from the databases of West Valley’s library.

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Surname 1
The Color of Water
Character Analysis
Character analysis entails the evaluation of characters in the book "The Color of Water."
Several characters are present in the book. This analysis will focus on two major characters
namely James McBride and Ruth Mc Bride. These are the two major voices that are narrating the
story in this book. The voice that is speaking being the first in the book is the voice of Ruth Mc
Bride, and it is describing the past. The second voice is of the character James. Both characters
appear to b different but are portraying things that revolve around Ruth McBride.
James McBride’s Character Traits
James McBride is the character who is narrating the story and also is the son of Ruth Mc
Bride who is the youngest of her children. James narrates the story in the color of the water from
his as a child and also as an adult. Having the two points of view gives a good idea of what is
going on in the story as it offers how a child would think as well as thoughts of a mature person.
He is a character in the books which can b defined as being dynamic because as the book flow,
he grows up and changes his ways of thinking and changes his ideas and commence to change
his perceiving of the world (Kai 1020).
For example, when he is young, he has several questions concerning why his mother has
a color skin that is different from other mothers who are her mother’s friends. As he is growing
old, he commences to have an insight and stops having such questions as he understands it and

Surname 2
accepts the way it is. As he grows up, he gains more respects towards his mother. This is seen in
writing where when he writes to his mother when he is an adult there is much respect than when
he writes to his mother when he is a child where he has less respect to both his siblings as well as
his mother.
James is a character who is a writer, a jazz musician, a composer and a journalist. Just as
his mother does, he has a lot of emphasis on the unity of the family as well as the ...

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