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Consider yourself to be an advertising agency and this paper a pitch to win a new business from a prospective client. You will discuss the feasibility of the given target market, campaign objectives, and your resulting ad campaign with media plan and evaluation metrics.

You should justify your campaign as one which appeals to your target market and effectively meets the campaign objectives. You must also justify your media choices. The paper should provide much more detail about the campaign than you will be able to fit into your project presentation. Your grade will be based on your ability to communicate what you have learned from the course material and can effectively apply the appropriate concepts and information to a real world situation.

The papers should be double-spaced with 10 or 12 point font and one-inch margins. There is no page limit but use your words effectively. The paper for this assignment is a document that is suitable for presentation to a client.

A Campaign Plan

A campaign plan typically includes a variety of marketing communication (marcom) messages carried in different media and sometimes targeted to different audiences.

The following outline of the sections, and the decisions they represent, in a typical campaign plan.

Typical Campaign Plan Outline

1. Situation Analysis

  • Background research
  • SWOTs: strengths , weaknesses, opportunities, threats
  • Key advertising problem/s to be solved

5. Other marcom tools used in support. (just choose part of the following, which means ppt mention)

  • Sales promotion
  • Public relations
  • Direct marketing
  • Personal selling
  • Sponsorships, merchandising, packaging, point-of-purchase
  • Integration Strategy (maximize synergy)

You just need to write this two parts and you need to follow to slides I uploade. The minimun of words limit is 2 pages

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HUEL POWDER CONTENT 01 SITUATION ANALYSIS 02 KEY STRATEGIC DECISIONS 03 MEDIA STRATEGY 04 MESSAGING STRATEGY 05 SUPPORTING MARCOM TOOLS 06 CAMPAIGN MANAGEMEN T 07 CONCLUSION SITUATION ANALYSIS C urrent market and po s i ti o ning BACKGROUND Huel Powder is a major US health and food company. The company sells nutritional, quick, and economical meal replacements. Healthy people who want to receive nutrients quickly and easily use Huel Powder's goods. SWOT ANALYSIS & KEY PROBLEMS S W • Str o ng brand recognition • D iver se product line • Co mp etitive pricing • Nutr itious and convenient p r o d ucts • Read ily available through various platforms • O ffl ine Availability • Competitive Market • Custo mer Education • Lack of brand awareness among co nsumers • So me consumers perceive Huel Powder products as unappeal ing • Ex p ansio n into Retail • Health and Wellness T r end s • T ar get Market Exp ansio n O KEY PROBLEM: Lack of brand awareness in target market • Food regulatio ns • Brand imitation • Dependency o n o nl ine p l atfo rms • Shifts in consumption preferences/trends • Economic Do wnturns T KEY STRATEGIC DECISIONS C ampai gn objecti v es , target market, competitive adv antage and s trategy CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES Education Engagement Brand Recognition • Just ano ther powdered p r o d uct? • Highl ight product strengths and points of d iffer entiation • H eirarchy of Effects M odel: awareness and kno wl ed ge • Consistent engagement with consumer base and target market • Pl ace p r o d uct o n the fo r efr ont o f co nsumer s mind s • Will encourage custo mer l o yal ty Target Audience: Age range 20 -45 years, value fitness/w ellness BRAND POSITIONING & CAMPAIGN STRATEGY Product Features & Competitive Advantage • Functionality: Provides necessary daily nutrients ⚬ Contains all 27 essential vitamins and minerals, essential fats, fiber, and phytonutrients • Health: weight-loss friendly, plant based ⚬ up to 40g protein, zero artificial sweeteners • Affordability: cheaper prices per meal ⚬ Range from $1.49 -$4.40 per meal • Main Advertising Tool: Social Media ⚬ Target frequent viewers of fitness/health content ⚬ Utilization of brand ambassador with wide industry reach • Ideal Brand Ambassador: Chris Bumstead (CBum!) ⚬ 5x Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Champion ⚬ Heavy industry influence, well -known outside industry Main Strategy MEDIA STRATEGY Media s el ectio n, o bjecti v es , s chedul i ng MEDIA STRATEGY Social Media: • Platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Youtube, consisting of a large fitness audience • 30-second educational advertisement SELECTION Reach Target Audience: • Increase awareness of brand • Traffic Generation ⚬ Nature of social media encourages engagement OBJECTIVES Enter Evoked Set: • Goal: included in audience’s evoked set when considering meal replacements or shake options • Exposure to audience > 2x per week ⚬ Higher frequency = higher brand recall SCHEDULING MESSAGE STRATEGY Mes s aging s trategi es , appeal s , des i gn, executi o n OBJECTIV ES & STRATE GIES Objective s: • B rand Image and Aw areness ⚬ Inc rease visibility & rec ognition of brand • Educat e t ar get mar ket of produc t benefits (func tionality, heal th, affordability) Cognitive Me ssage Strate gy: Unique Selling Proposition • Leverage key points of differentiation/competitive advantage ⚬ Meets daily nutritional needs ⚬ Encourages weight loss ⚬ Pocket -fri en dly DESIGN & EXECUTIONS 30-second educational advertisement • Chris Bumstead showcasing usage and preparation of product • Explain how beneficial it was for him during his fitness journey • Highlight improvement in quality of life since adopting product ⚬ Cheaper than purchasing meals or shakes daily ⚬ Less time consuming than cooking every meal ⚬ Difficult to ensure the right amount of daily nutrients RATIONAL AP P EAL SUPPORTING MARCOM TOOLS C ampaign objectives , target m arket, s trategy SUPPORTING MARCOM TOOLS CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT Eval uation of campai gn and s trategy effecti v enes s CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT • Evaluation of Effectiveness: •Website traffic: Monitor website traffic to see if the campaign is driving more visitors to the brand's website. •Social media engagement: Track social media engagement to see if the campaign is generating interest and discussion on social media platforms. •Brand mentions in media: Monitor brand mentions in media outlets to see if the campaign is generating positive media coverage. •Sales: Track sales figures to see if the campaign is driving more sales of Huel Powder products. CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT 2. Strategy Alignment: Regularly assess if marketing strategies align with overall goals and objectives. Ensure that techniques employed contribute to the desired results. 3. Audience Reach: Evaluate how effectively marketing efforts reach the intended audience. Analyze the suitability of chosen media and messaging for connecting with specific consumer segments. 4. Performance Tracking: Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) such as website traffic, social media engagement, lead generation, sales conversions, and brand awareness to gauge campaign success. 5. Continuous Improvement: • Utilize A/B testing for ad creatives, landing pages, and email subject lines. Employ campaign attribution, competitive analysis, and ROI calculations to optimize resource allocation and identify areas for improvement. CONCLUSION • ⚬ • ⚬ ⚬ • ⚬ ⚬ • ⚬ • ⚬ • ⚬ ⚬ THANK YOU!
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