Complete mastery exercises for organizational Innovation and healthcare analysis and policy development

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I need a reliable tutor to log into my csu global student portal account in order to access the mastery exercises in order to do this. step 1) copy and paste this into google header step 2) once you are on the page click the blue link on the page that says sign in with google, this will automatically direct you into gmail step 3) once you are redirected into gmail I will provide you with my email and password with the tutor I chose. 4) once you type this in you will be inside of my csu global student portal account. step 4) then click on the class organizational innovation and change, then once your directed into the page on the left side click on materials, after you click on materials on the page you will see module 1-8, click on module 1 then scroll down the page and you complete module 1 mastery exercises, you will repeat the same steps for module 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Each mastery exercises consists of 10 questions each which means 80 questions total. For organizational innovation and change. Please score a 7 or higher for the mastery exercises. After you finish those questions click on courses on the top of the page and complete Healthcare analysis and policy development.But for this course only complete mastery excerises module 1-5 a total of 50 questions since each section has 10 questions each. You also have to score higher than a 7 for this course as well. Thank you!

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