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SNHU 107 Final Project I: Academic Mission and Goals Template

Name: Nakita Dehaarte

Student ID:

Program(s) of Study (Major): Business Management focus in Human Resources

Anticipated Graduation Date: June 2022

Academic Mission Statement and Goals

For the first part of the final project in this course, you will create a short academic mission statement and three short-term goals to support you in accomplishing your mission. Before beginning, review the Final Project I Guidelines and Rubric document.

This assignment will require you to spend about one to two hours drafting your mission statement and goals BEFORE completing this template. Make sure that you have planned accordingly and have reviewed the assignment details. Use the General Questions discussion if you have any questions on how to complete this assignment.

Academic Mission Statement: My academic mission is to complete my B.A in Business Management by June 2022. I returned to school mainly because I wanted to ensure I don’t have any roadblocks when moving up the corporate ladder in the banking industry. I’m currently an Assistant Branch Manager at a neighborhood bank. I started as a teller and since then I have moved up about every two years. Whenever I’m up for a promotion I get extremely nervous that they would see I don’t have a degree and move on to the next candidate. I chose to study Business Management with a focus in Human Resources since my company does not offer enough training in managing people, so I hope with this area of focus I am able to become a better people manager.

Short-Term Goal 1: My company will help pay for some of my schooling as long as I maintain a C average. I would like to aim for a B average in both of my classes by the end of the term. If I am aiming for a B I would never have to worry about my company not covering a term and most importantly I will graduate within the next 4 years.

Short-Term Goal 2: I would like to manage my time more effectively.

Short-Term Goal 3:

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