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This activity prompts students to create a visual map of their socialization using one aspect of their identity. Students will create a chronology of who, what, where, when, and how they learned about this aspect of their identity.

To better understand how identity and socialization are intertwined, you are encouraged to consult the Cycle of Socialization. Additionally, you may also use your Social Identity Pie from week 1 to choose which part of yourself to examine for this activity. Make it as colorful and creative as you would like!

Step 1: Visual Representation

Create a visual representation of your socialization journey.

  • Choose a specific social identity you want to explore and reflect upon.
  • Make a paper or digital timeline map:
    • Write the social identity you are mapping at the top of the paper.
    • Draw a line straight across the paper.
    • Cut the line into four or five equal sections.
    • Label each section based on age ranges (e.g., 0-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16 to present) or school life stages (e.g., preschool, elementary, middle/junior high, high school, college).
  • Map your experiences using the cycle of socialization chart as a reference.

Questions that students should answer directly on their timeline map:

  • What messages or beliefs were you taught about your social identity?
  • Where did these messages come from? (Parents, family members, teachers, religious organizations, friends, media, society, etc.)
  • How were these messages reinforced?

Step 2: Reflection

Write a reflective response that addresses the following prompts (200 words):

  • How did these messages influence your perception of yourself and others?
  • Reflect on specific behaviors that were encouraged, rewarded, supported, discouraged, unsupported, or punished concerning your social identity

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Navigating Womanhood: A Journey Through Socialization

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Navigating Womanhood: A Journey Through Socialization
Introduction: Socialization is a complex pattern created by the threads of messages and
beliefs received in different life stages. This paper will examine the socialization of a woman in
Gonder, analyzing persuasive messages and their sources as well as mechanisms that reinforce
her identity. The timeline map highlights critical moments in her life from early childhood to
adulthood, depicting the dynamic interplay between family dynamics, societal systems, and
cultural contexts.

Preschool Years (Age 0-5): In the preschool years of formation, messages from all sides
swept, encouraging a young girl to "smile more," which became one of many expectations within
society for her life. At the same time, family life introduced her to dolls she needed caring for,

and this hinted at gender-related notions of nurture. By forbidding her from getting dirty, the
parental decree also represented early social views regarding how a young girl's conduct was
Elementary School (Age 6-10): When she entered kindergarten, more la...

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