EEC1972 Rasmussen Mod 2 DAP Child Centered Environments Assignment

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EEC1972 Early Childhood Education Exploration III

Rasmussen University


After learning about Developmentally Appropriate Environments in this module, you will now be reflecting on its importance in Early Childhood Education and how you will consider this as an educator.

Key Area of Practice for Module 02:DAP Child Centered Environments

Reflect on what you have learned about DAP Child Centered Environments and it's importance in Early Childhood Education.

Reflect on how you would promote Developmentally Appropriate Practice after reflecting on what you observed in the assigned videos for this assignment. Be prepared to explain how the activities you observed match or vary from the DAP principles described in the Making Plans lecture in this module, and why.

To complete this assignment, First watch both of the videos listed below.

How Spaces Support Social Play

Children Add Structure to an Open Space

Next, answer the following questions. In your written responses, be sure to use complete sentences as well as proper punctuation and grammar.

1. Reflect on this module's key area of practice. Share specific examples of what this looked like in the videos.

First watch the videos and note the DAP elements of the environment from the videos. Then watch them a second time and note the developmental appropriateness of the children's behavior.

2. Share an example of how you plan to use this key area of practice in your work with young children and families

Consider how you could incorporate the DAP principles described in this module's Making Plans lecture into your work as an educator.

3. Briefly share one "a-ha" moment or a key take away from the videos.

Download the template containing these questions below.

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Exploration Assignment
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1. Reflect on this module's key area of practice. Share specific examples of what this looked
like in the video(s).

Learning is made effective by playing relevant games as a way of encouraging brain
growth, thus intellectual capacity increasing as a result. The planning roles involved in children
games develop self-regulation, symbolic thinking and improving language and memory
(Sanders, 2002). The capacity of learning social competency and school work is also enhanced.
According to the video clip in ‘Children Add Structure to an open space’ children play an
interesting game. One kid is observed to be the leader while the others join and enjoy the
movements involved in the game. Thes...

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