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Stiudent's post: I would say the thing or situation that I’m most afraid of is heights (specifically dropping in the air). I have always been afraid of heights, but the older I grow the more the fear of heights kicks in. This fear is kind of ironic to me because I actually love flying and being in a plane seeing the views. Whenever I fly I don’t feel the same feeling of fear that I feel when I get on something like a rollercoaster. This fear has in a way led me to maybe believe that I am more afraid of drops then heights only because I don’t have this feeling of fear in my stomach when I’m up in a plane. When it comes to the dread/knowability axis, for me I think I relate my fear more to the dread axis. The dread axis is based on how if the risk becomes more and more dreadful than the less acceptable it is and this is exactly what I feel happens for me. Because I dread going up on a rollercoaster so much I don’t accept it as much as I do getting on a plane. - 195 Words

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It is interesting that although our fears are different, they overlap on the axis of
dread/knowability. Interestingly, your observation about heights and drops resembles what I felt
with thalassoph...

Nice! Really impressed with the quality.


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