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This week we are looking at an overview of Women in Theatre, women playwrights and the work that they and other female writers are now doing as we see ourselves in an age where the relationship between men and women and how society views them have never been closer. However, there is still a gap that remains with the role and influence of women in politics, religion, business and entertainment. The American view of the "Ideal Woman" has changed in the last 100 years and even more drastically in the last 40 years since the 1970's when the voices of women and the issues that directly affected them began to get heard in stronger way. Remember that is it still less then 100 years since women have had the right to vote in America. Only since the 60's that women have been allowed their own credit credits cards separate from their husbands just to name a few examples..... Times have changed and much of that is with the voices of woman writing about woman and the trials and struggles they face. We have seen from film to T.V. to the theatrical stage a huge upsurge of female-centric storytelling. We also witness a contentious election for president where Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3,000,000.00 votes. Huge strides have been made for women and equality! Perhaps that glass cieling will finally be broken in 2020.

I believe this is a fabulous development!!!!!

I think it safe to say that this class has a general working familiarity with some of the issues that would be important to women particularly including: fair pay, parenting, working as a professional, women's rights politically, education, the "Glass Ceiling", abortion rights, health concerns, sexual harassment in the work place, the "War on Women" and your opinions about how women are used as political opportunities. Any feelings about Donald Trump and his P.O.V. about women in our ongoing conversation about the equality of woman in our society?

Choose one female playwright from this small list and do further research on that playwright.

This is a very short list of some very important female playwrights over the last 100 years.

(This is not a comprehensive list)


Topics of discussion would be:

The playwright’s history and background.

How they came into being a playwright?

You can discuss topics and themes that are/were important to the playwright and how being a woman influenced their Art in a positive or negative way.

The nature of the playwrights world and society in terms political, social and religious view of the playwrights time and era with respect to women’s issues that may have influence their art and storytelling.

What impact did the playwright have on the overall public and political discourse about topics that are considered women’s issues? Was it positive or negative

Awards, recognition or infamy that they may have received as a result of their work.

Would you like to watch a play by this playwright? Why or why not?

Your list to choose from:

Sarah Ruhl

Katori Hall

Paula Vogel

Wendy Wasserstein

Susan-Lori Parks

Lillian Hellman

Sarah Kane

Caryl Churchill

Marsha Norman

Beth Henley

Maya Angelou

Lorraine Vivian Hansberry

Rebecca Gillman

Lynn Nottage

Kathryn Bigelow

Shonda Rhimes

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

Your paper should be a minimum of three pages double spaced.

You may include some pictures with your research.

Proper formatting and spelling.

Be sure to include both names on your research paper.

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Research on Playwright: Maya Angelou
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Research on Playwright: Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou is one of the most multifaceted playwrights that graced the literary world
in the United States and across the world. Angelou was a spirited individualist who has been
labeled as feminist writer, historian, poet, journalist, activist, and singer among other titles.
Angelou overcame a difficult childhood, including sexual molesting, to become one of the most
celebrated women playwrights (Biography.Com, 2018). In this essay, the paper discusses Maya
Angelou’s background, how she became a playwright, the nature of her world in respect to
women issues, her impact on public and political discourse on women issues and awards and
recognition or infamy as a result of her work.
History & Background of Maya Angelou
Angelou was born on 1928 May 28 as Marguarite Annie Johnson Angelou in St. Louis
Missouri. Maya spent most of her childhood with her paternal grandmother after the end of her
parents' marriage in Stamps Arkansas. Maya was raped at the age of eight years by her mother's
boyfriend. Angelou revealed this story and the man was murdered; events that made her mute for
over five years. Angelou w...

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