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1. Read the speech in attached file( Lincoln's Gettysburg Address), and rewrite it in your own words

In front of every speech is a commentary giving you some extra background of the speech, speaker, event, and historical significance.

As far as length is concerned, you will rewrite the entire speech in your own words so as long as the speech is is how long your paper will be. Keep in mind, there is NO analysis in this part of the assignment. It is just to ensure you understand what the speech giver is saying.

2. Analyze the speech. For this analysis, use the net-aristotelian method. Use the link provided to help you with proper analysis form. There will not be a page limit to this analysis. Just make sure that you have addressed all aspects of the method. The speech will be 12 pt. Times New Roman, with 1 inch margins. Any grammatical mistakes will cost you 3 points a mistake.

🚩 The analysis is due on Saturday, I will extend the time limited as long as you upload the rewrite. So you will have planning time to do a good analysis.

Upload the analysis essay and speech rewrite in TWO separate documents.

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