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This assignment has three parts:

  • Part One= 20 points value I finish this part
  • Part Two= 40 points value
  • Part Three= 40 points value
    • Total point value = 100 points
    i dont know how many page just answer part 2 and 3

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Writing Assignment 2: IB Research 2018 MGT-301 Spring This assignment has three parts: • Part One= 20 points value • Part Two= 40 points value • Part Three= 40 points value o Total point value = 100 points Part One: X-Culture Webinar Review Objective: Watch the webinar that is associated with the client your team has selected for this challenge. If your client does not have a webinar, please review another client webinar of your choice. Webinars: There are four (4) pages of webinars listed. Write: • Name of Business/Organization: Our organization name is Capti Voice. • Name of Presenter (Client Representative): Yevgen Borodin. • Date of Webinar recording: The Webinar was Founded 2010 • APA citation of the webinar: “People who are blind, have impaired vision, or have a cognitive disability can use it just as easily as somebody running on the treadmill at the gym” Charmtech Labs Wants Everyone to Use Their Narration App. (2014, February 06). Retrieved April 10, 2018, from • Provide a 300-500 word summary of the webinar. Include the following details: o Who is the client, and what do they currently do? Report the main ideas for what the client is looking for/needs in these reports. What are the main challenges for this client and/or industry? Quote the client/speaker at least once in the summary. Our client name is Capti Voice. Capti Voice is application that help people with different age and countries to read in other word Capti Voice supporting read. The application can read out loud and translate from language to another for example Capti Voice can translate English word to Arabic or any language needed and can say the word out loud which helps users to pronounce the word correctly. It’s very friendly use and it provides more opportunities for users around the world. Moreover, Capti Voice are not very popular. There are lack of using which make them facing a problem in marketing. Here our job. We try think out of the box to market Capti Voice around the word. We got an idea to introduce Capti Voice to new market. The executive team’s target market are the individuals aged eighteen to thirty-four because that generation is familiar with smartphone technology and apps. Research reveals that 62 percent of young people between the ages of twenty-five to thirty-four and 54 percent of those between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four use smartphones (Newswire 2011). The three countries we have chosen for analysis are Singapore, Colombia, and Sweden. We chose these specific countries because technology has become a dominant force for all. Capti Voice challenge is entering the market with strong competitive such as Google translate. One of most important part in this challenge is availability. Capti Voice doesn’t support Google play store due to more than 50% of the populations’ devices are not Apple products. “Capti Voice makes it easy to add webpages or documents from a browser, Dropbox, Google Drive or clipboard to its playlist, and then listen to them narrated by naturally-sounding text-tospeech voices.” Part Two: Evaluating Past X-Culture Reports Links to past reports: • 2017 (2017-1a Track) - • 2017, Spring - • 2016 - • Also, check for Fall 2017 reports – (at the time of creating these directions, the link is not available yet) Directions: Review as many reports as you would like from the link above. Select any one (1) of the reports to base the rest of your work on for this assignment. Note: Some of the clients you will see in these reports will be current X-Culture corporate partners, some will not. It is completely up to you which report you chose to review. Objective: The objective of reviewing these older reports from a past semester is to "begin with the end in mind" and evaluate a past report to see what a good report example looks like as a final product, and what could be improved upon. (continued) Part Two: Evaluating Past X-Culture Reports - continued Write: • Report #: • Client/Company Name: 1) Executive summary: In reading the executive summary, was it clear as to who the company is and what the specific recommendations are from the team (what country to enter, how to expand the business, how to market, how to get the product to the new location, etc?) Is it one page? • NOTE- most executive summaries in these report examples are lacking these specifics and could have been much clearer. Remember, an executive summary for this report should tell all details in summary so if the client knows the specific recommendations before reading the entire report. (100-300 word answer suggested) 2) What do you think was the best section of this report and why? Note page numbers and give specifics. (100-300 word answer suggested) 3) If the team asked you for your feedback on this report a week before they submitted, what is one change or recommendation you would make before they turn it in? Note page numbers and give specifics. (100-300 word answer suggested) 4) Assess the APA details throughout this report (specifically: in-text citations; quality of resources; use of charts graphs, figures; APA labeling of charts, graphs, figures; APA citations at the conclusion of the report. Would you recommend additional visual representation of data or figures in this report? Why or why not? Where there any parts of the report that would have been easier to read or clearer if the information was inserted in a table, graph, chart, or figure? (200-300 word answer suggested) Part Three: Finding Resources for International Business Objective: Now it is time to think about your current team report. The objective of this section is to encourage students to research using the free, high-quality web sites and research database subscriptions -examples: Euromonitor, IBISWorld, Statista, and Dun & Bradstreet D&B Business Browser (formerly OneSource). Write: • Name of the client/company your report is focused on (VSA, Forcier, etc.): • Provide four (4) APA citations for data you found through the resources that could possibly be used to support your current report you are working on for the client. • After each citation provide 3-4 sentences summarizing what specific value that particular link provides for your team report (or providing a screen image if it is a data set or visual). (continued) Part Three: Finding Resources for International Business -continued Guidelines for grading: • Find high-quality resources and research database subscriptions available through the UNCG X-Culture Lib Guide: and other credible, scholarly, and current resources. • Students should find a variety of sources, and each citation should be from a different source. • It is fine for topics to overlap, yet the content of the topics should address a variety of topics in the report you are working on (ex: not all four should be about country comparisons, or about marketingthere should be a mix of topics researched in relationship to the report. • Credit will not be given for citations from: the client website, X-Culture Website; Wikipedia; wikis; blogs; advertisement pages; low quality resources. Tips: • • • • • • For country comparisons, try the World Bank DataBank (for statistical comparisons) or the library’s Euromonitor Passport database (for country reports). For U.S. industry analysis, try IBISWorld. For international B2B industry analysis, try the library’s and Dun & Bradstreet D&B Business Browser (formerly OneSource) database. For international consumer industries, try Euromonitor Passport. To find competitors from all over the world, try and Dun & Bradstreet D&B Business Browser (formerly OneSource). Global market share is covered in the library’s Statista database and also the Business Insights: Essentials database. Helpful guides to assist you in with APA and Researching: • Citing Tables, Graphs, & Maps in APA Style – Quick Guide: • APA Libguide: • Citation guides: • UNCG X-Culture Lib Guide: • Scholarly VS Popular: X-Culture Lib Guide: ...
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