Personality Disorder Chart”

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Complete the “Personality Disorder Chart”.

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Topic 7: Personality Disorder Chart Part 1: Complete the chart below by selecting two different personality disorders and listing the main symptoms of the disorder. Include a minimum of four symptoms per disorder. Personality Disorder Main Symptoms (DSM Criteria) 1. 2. Part 2: Provide short answers of 50-75 words each for the following questions/statements. Do not exceed 100 words for your response. Use the textbook, and any other scholarly resources to support your responses. Include at least one scholarly, evidence-based source per response. 1. What are the challenges associated with treating a person diagnosed with a personality disorder? Include at least two challenges in your response. © 2018. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. [Add your answer here] 2. What is the relationship between substance use and personality disorders? [Add your answer here] References © 2018. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.
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