ethical scenario both biblically and methodically

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Details:Write a 2,000 word paper in which you apply the lessons learned in the course to counseling a client facing an ethical issue. Choose one of the scenarios provided below and write a paper in which you:

  1. Demonstrate your understanding of the scenario.
  2. Apply Scriptural teachings.
  3. Supply practical guidelines for the client.

Scenario:Scenario 1: Euthanasia (either active or passive, or both)

Active euthanasia: the choice to assist in directly taking the life of a human being.

Mercy killing: assisting in taking the life of someone in extreme pain, such as through an injection (also known as physician-assisted suicide).

Example: A family member is suffering from severely painful bone cancer and there is nothing that the doctors are able to do to reduce pain. The family member is in anguish and wishes to "go on home" to be with the Lord.

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