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The instructor will coordinate organizing the students into groups (During Week 8) and assign one of the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives for further research. Groups will utilize the website Everyone Goes Home and use the Initiative Research Directory for their assigned Fire Life Safety Initiative. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Under the Initiative Research Directory there are several links, (in red) including NFFF Developed Resources. First click on the NFFF Developed Resources and then click on the White Paper (POPULAR) for a clear understanding of your assigned Initiative. This white paper will give you a good overview of the relevance of your assigned Initiative.

FOR THE ASSIGNMENT: Review the recommendations found on the white paper. Each group member shall choose one recommendation from the white paper and provide two powerpoint slides providing bullet points on the recommendation. Students may research additional articles in red on the Initiative Research Directory.

As example, from the website Life Safety Initiative #1 Cultural Change (Safety Driven Organizations) you will find the following links: Leadership, Organizational Cultural, Human Resource Development, Administration and Executive Response Management - you may read articles from these resources.

The intention of the group is to simulate being assigned to a "committee" at your fire department. The "committee" has been assigned to Implement the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives. Consider reviewing Chapter 12 from our text to gain insight into the process of implementation.


Each group will submit a coordinated presentation utilizing Powerpoint, Keynote or Google slides, summarizing their findings from the additional research from the Everyone Goes Home Website for the assigned Life Safety Initiative. The completed presentation will include (1) Introduction slide including students names and Initiative, (8) slides supporting the recommendations and (1) conclusion slide - totaling (10) slides. Group members may add a shirt 1 min video clip to enhance the presentation. (The 1 min Video is only optional and will not alter the final grade - since some students may not have an option to provide a video.)

The group leader will be responsible for combining slides, including student names, and sharing with group members once all members have submitted their findings. (If an assigned student group member does not participate, please include there name and state did not participate)

While each group is specifically focused on one Life Safety Initiative, your group MAY consider answering one or more of the following questions as part of the presentation. (These are only suggestions - you may also come up with your own based on your research of the assigned Life Safety Initiative.)

1. How can members of the agency report and near miss on the fire ground?

2. How can a member of the agency report an unsafe act?

3. How can members of the agency influence cultural change in the organization?

4. What responsibilities does the Firefighter Rank have to help implement the assigned Life Safety Initiative? (Consider reviewing the link below to answer the question) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Each group member must post the completed presentation. (The group leader must share the completed document with each member who participated in order for the member to submit the presentation).

I also recognize there maybe a few of you that due to scheduling conflicts and a busy life outside of our class, you wish to work INDIVIDUALLY. I understand this need and will allow individual students to submit the entire project on their own. (Minimum of 8 slides). Please notify the instructor the week of the Group Assignment Introduction. (Week 8).

Here is an example of the Group Assignment and Expectations:

Group Assignment Example (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Group Assignment Example

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