Applying Theoretical Interventions for Clients Experiencing Life Transition and Developmental Issues

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Application: Applying Theoretical Interventions for Clients Experiencing Life Transition and Developmental Issues

Certain elements of treatment planning for clients experiencing life transition and developmental issues may be easier than others. For instance, it may be obvious that a breadwinner’s job loss is the major concern facing a family. The more difficult part may be crafting clinical and treatment formulations for this issue that explain how it affects the clients, what needs they have, and how you, as a counselor, plan to intervene (Sperry, 2005). As you examine life transition and developmental issues in this week and the next, use your theoretical orientation to conceptualize the scenarios presented and plan theory-based interventions.

To prepare for this Application Assignment, select and view one movie from the list provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Begin to conceptualize the couple's or family’s problem through your theoretical orientation and identify interventions that you might use. Locate articles in the Walden Library that could be used to justify the interventions you selected.

Note: If you are unable to acquire one of the movies, you may contact your Instructor for alternative arrangements.

Sperry, L. (2005). Case conceptualizations: The missing link between theory and practice. Family Journal, 13(1), 71–76.

The assignment (2–3 pages)

  • Apply counseling theories and theory-based interventions to couples and families experiencing life transition and developmental issues.
  • Develop and justify treatment plans for couples and families experiencing life transition and developmental issues.
  • Identify the movie you selected and the life transition/developmental issue present in the couple/family.
  • Conceptualize the couple’s/family's problem through your chosen theoretical orientation.
  • Describe two interventions you would use to address these couple/family issues and how you would use them. (Note: The interventions may not emerge from your chosen theoretical orientation)
  • Justify the interventions you selected with two evidence-based research articles.

Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.

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Surname 1
Application of theoretical interventions
Counselor's principal aim is to come up with theoretical intervention when consulting
their clients. The professional counselor must understand how to react to various complex
individual and family issues, behavior and emotions. Incompetent counselors are not able to
respond to the client problems. At the same time, competent counselors can address essential life
issues of the client within the therapeutic relationship. They have extensive information and well
trained in a particular theory which boosts their competence and confidence when giving service
to the client in need.
Application of counseling theories and theory-based innervations to couples and families
experiencing life transition and development issues.
These theories based on these factors; life experience of the client, individual beliefs and
values, and the view how people change. Theory-based innervations to apply are person-center
therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, psychodynamic therapy and motivational interviewing
(Berscheid, Andrew, and Harry).
Person-centered therapy contained wi...

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