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i attached two documents in order to only give an idea about what type of subjects to discus. I need to discuss somethings that is related. my professor is asking me to find a good trusted resource and very briefly discuss two issues, themes, concepts, or ideas that we have covered so far, that is of concern to you, and "state why it is of concern to you. First, narrate (outline) the issue that is of concern to you; second, state why it is of concern to you.

You may discuss any issue from the different topics, concepts, or themes we have covered so far in the course from weeks 9-11

Each issue, theme, concept, or idea should be from a different week (between weeks 2-5 that we have so far covered). In order words, the two issues, themes, concepts, or ideas should not come from the same week materials

Be sure to identify the source of the material you discussed about (include the in-text citation, as well as provide the reference or work cited entry).

if anyone feels like knowing the requirement, go for it!

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Ali Albaqshi CMTY 195: Community & Democratic Citizenship Week 11 Articles Dr. Chuks Ugochukwu St. Cloud State University St. Cloud, MN March 20, 2018 Page 1 of 6 1. Babble.com, “5 Things We Can Thank Feminists for -- and 5 Areas that Still Need Help,” 2012 ▪ One key point of view not mentioned in the article is the journey the feminists took to bring liberty to women. It is true as per the article that the fight and the campaign for equality has brought so much to women, but the article fails to bring to the attention of the readers the whole journey. As a reader, I personally feel that I should know the people, the feminists who fought for all these and ensured that they left nothing to chance until our women got the rights they so much craved for. Despite the failure to mention the fighters towards the liberation of women, it is now to their efforts that women can have property that is fully protected by the law, they can hold public office, be free for sexual harassments among other rights. There are a few things that need to be sorted though, and in due time, women will be free creatures, enjoying the freedom and rights that men have enjoyed for so long. ▪ One key concept to understand from the article is that a battle was fought and continues to be fought. It should be understood that the battle has bared its fruits and now women can smile and enjoy the rights and privileges they so wished for. Feminists have something to thank themselves for. They have fought for women and it’s not almost a free world for them. It should be understood that the journey is not yet over. There are things to be fought for, if we are to fully liberate our women and the entire feminine generation. To make sure the fight is fought to the last wish of the women, we have to have improved child care for our women, discard the old misconception of looks and women capabilities, women outfit and positive competition among women. Let’s all Page 2 of 6 understand that violence to women is not just the visible one. It goes down to that which we cannot even see. We need to fight for the rights of women, to the last of it. 2. Lisa Belkin, “How Clinton vs. Trump upended ideas about gender and politics, 2016 ▪ One key point of view not mentioned or featured in this article is the entire process of mentoring and empowering women to take up positions that for a long time have been preserved for men. There is only the mention of Hillary Clinton and her battle with Donald Trump, but the bigger percentage of women is not entirely presented in this article. Despite the many movements and campaigns that have been launched to empower the women, there is still the rift between them and the men. I therefore, feel that there should be a united front, supported by both men and women that fights for the rights of women. Policy makers should make policies to support the agenda for women, and not just fight them. When it is a case of Hillary Clinton, it does not mean that the entire generation of women is represented and therefore, the entire generation of women should be presented, having in mind that when it is Hillary Clinton, it is not the entire generation of women. ▪ One implication, if this article was to be taken seriously and the issue been discussed taken to another level of consideration is that we need to come up with structures that put women on the map. We should understand that women are not a weaker gender and that they can perform just as men, and even better. We need to put in place institutions that sincerely fought for the rights of women, in our communities, societies and places of work. There should be an equality equation at all institutions, in such a way that women are represented the same way men are. By so doing, we shall have a generation that Page 3 of 6 respects the rights of women and is willing to do all it takes to stand for the rights of the female generations. 3. Ryu Spaeth, “New poll: The stunning collapse of opposition to gay marriage,” 2013 ▪ One of the most important information presented in the article is on the acceptance of gay marriages in America. From a study carried out, it is clear that a majority of the population accepts and approves the engagement between people of the same sex, with a minority of the population opposing it. It is unlike in the past, where people did not approve of this kind of marriage. In two thousand and three, only a few people supported the marriages. This could be due to the many campaigns in the states, which have been towards the awakening of the citizens to accept this kind of marriages, which for some time now have been regarded as personal choices. ▪ One key concept to understand from the article is that there is a difference in political ideologies, splitting between the thoughts of the republications and the democrats. From the carried-out studies, fifty-nine percent of the republicans believe that gay marriages should be made illegal. Despite the high percentage, the number is a decrement from 72% which was recorded in 2003. This is a show that even in the political corridors, people are having a change of mind. Political and policy makes are having a soft sport and it is optimistic that in the near future, gay marriages will be accepted, with 100% approval from all political divides. 4. Elahe Izadi, “ One City's Quest to Erase the Gender Pay Gap,” 2014 ▪ One of the most important information in the article is that women are major contributors towards the economic stability of any nation. In any dollar that is made in the United States of America, women have contributed about 77% of the total money contributed. Page 4 of 6 This means that any nation that wants to prosper mush and ought to put in place a framework that empowers women. Women have to be empowered in such a way that they feel motivated to rise up each and every day, work hard to continue contributing to the growth of the economy. They should therefore, be granted privileges and responsibilities just as men in the economy, if their impact is to be realized. Women can make it be managers and being directors. There have in the past and continue to prove to be effective in leadership in any organization, as opposed to men. Women have realized the role they play in our economies and are now teaming up to empower each other, in attempt to make their contribution known and realized. ▪ One key concept to understand from the article is that despite the degradation and the looking despise on women. Organizations and institutions are coming up to fight for the rights of women. Such include The Boston Women’s Compact, started in 2003. With such an initiative, organizations and companies have been brought on board, all with one agenda. The agenda to empower and lift the women in our societies and communities. One of the campaigns that form a fundamental part of these organizations is the fight to have equality, in terms of chance creations, job and responsibilities as well as wages. Over the years, men have been paid higher wages than women, and now this is a trend on the verge of its fall, as campaigns have been launched and are increasingly fighting to have equality for both men and women, all with equal pay. With equal pay, women will be encouraged and motivated to work even harder and therefore, contribute tremendously towards the growth of our economies. ▪ Page 5 of 6 Page 6 of 6 Ali Albaqshi CMTY 195: Community & Democratic Citizenship Week 13 Articles Dr. Chuks Ugochukwu St. Cloud State University St. Cloud, MN April 3, 2018 Page 1 of 5 1. Sean Williams, “Baby Boomers Readying to Retire Have Some Work to Do, Study Shows,” 2016 One of the most important information from this article is the challenge that the majority Americans face when it comes to saving. A large percentage of this population ends up with little or no saving. In the article however, there is a distinction, a line drawn between two generation of persons. There is that generation that has relatively saved then there is the other one that has no idea when it comes to saving. There is the generation of the retirees and yet there is the other generation of the pre-retirees. According to the article, these two groups of persons take different paths to retirements. Despite the paths taken, there is a wakeup call for the different groups of persons to come up with a workable saving plan. One key concept to understand from the article is the saving nature for the different persons. There are the retirees. These people have a varied saving plan, and very dynamic in the way at which they make their saving better. There is the 85% of the people are aware of a saving plan. They have put in place a way to make a saving and they are aware of the different approaches to use when it comes to saving. The is the 65% of the retirees who have made a declaration of the assets they would want to save in when it comes to their saving plan. There is the other 71% of the persons who have made up their mind and decided they will cover their retirement depending on pension they have accrued during their working age. There is the last 41% that plans of making investments for the retirement. This is the percentage that I am inclined to support, as with a sound investment, it is effective to survive the storm of retirement. Page 2 of 5 2. MSN Money Partner, “Boomers Feel Unprepared to Retire,” 2012 One of the most important information from this article is on the retirement preparedness of the baby boomers. A generation of the relatively aged in the society. The article expresses a number of findings that are directly related to the nature of the plans that this generation of persons has put in place, so at the wake of the rainy days, they will be safe and secured for a graceful retirement plan. With a study carried out, it was discovered that a large number of the baby boomers are prepared for their retirement, and that they have sufficient reserves that can run them even for another five years after retirement. This is a show that the general American population is robust on saving and comprehensively understands the need to do so. One key concept to understand from the article is that is inevitable and that one day or the other, it will catch up with the masses. Majority of the baby boomers are not even confident about their future and the coming days as they are not sure whether they can survive the hit after they retire. With the study carried out, a large percentage of about forty percent is not confident of whether they will make it after they retire. This same percentage is the percentage that is not sure whether it will meet its basic needs. The other percentage is not sure whether it will meet its medical expenses once they have retired. There is then the small number that is confident of a longer life of meeting needs and meeting all the medical bills. This means that there is the need for a wake up for the masses to be sensitized on a better saving, plan, so that there is a secure saving plan, for a brighter future. 3. Kriston Capps, “What Have We Learned from 30 Years of ‘Aging in Place,” 2015 One of the most important information in this article is the guidelines on how to thrive in a naturally occurring retirement. The information is provided as per the provisions and the projects Page 3 of 5 implemented by the Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC). The community has programs that have been put in place to ensure that the aged are well prepared for retirement. The program has realized the need to take care of the aged, so that when they are old, care is given to them. This ensures that they age gracefully. Despite the effort to make a better life, there is still the need to teach the aged the need to come up with an effective saving plan, one will see them through the age. The population will need to understand the need for care, but at the same time understand that they will have to make a saving for their retirement. One key concept to understand from the article is that the community is a fundamental block when it comes to retirement. The retirees need to understand that when the time comes, they will need the support for the communities. Communities form the social pillar on which the retiring generation can rely on. They avail the resources that these people can use before they can even think of any investment or call for help. There are social homes and social care that is given to the people. This is a twist of events from the norm and what is expected of these retirees. This argument for a twist of the ideas presented on saving, as now this piece of information embarks on the fundamentals of the community, which serves as the immediate group to provide care for the baby boomers. 4. Morgan Korn, “America’s Retirement System Is Failing Economist,” 2012 One of the key point of view not presented in this article is on the saving culture that needs to be impacted on the American population. There is the need for the economists to teach the young generations of a better saving plan, that starts at a very early age. There is the need for the growing population to be taught on the appropriate saving plan, so that they are prepared for their raining days. This is a generation that does not need to wait till its old, at a point where it Page 4 of 5 will start ailing the loss and a failed old age. They do not have to wait till they have no savings in their own accounts. They do not have to wait until they make the seventy-five percent of the Americans that do not have a saving. The population that not saved, cannot meet the basic needs and at the end of the day not even cover medical bills. There is therefore the need to teach the young generation of a better saving plan at an early age, before age knocks in. One implication, if this article was taken seriously is on the saving culture in the American population. With the statistics presented, there is the need of the masses to ensure a saving plan, that will cushion the aged pollution when the time comes. The economy of the United States is flourishing, and yet its citizens are not secured and have not saved for the old age. Hey, thrive in a vibrant age of their youth and at the end of the day go home without any savings. There is therefore the need to come up with measures to teach the working and the almost retiring pollution to come up with a saving plan that is effective and will ensure them better days ahead. There is the need to teach them on the readily available saving plans at their disposal. Such plans include saving in real estates and investing in ventures that will ensure a guaranteed return in their investments. It is until then we will say that we have a sensitized mass, that is ready to save for the rainy days. Page 5 of 5
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