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No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper.

Resources should be summarized or paraphrased with appropriate in-text and Resource page citations.

This assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of how the criminal justice system works. This assignment is designed to give you an opportunity to display your knowledge of the parts and processes of the criminal justice system. The more specific and detailed the paper is, the more effective it will be in demonstrating your understanding of the system.

Step 1. Select one of the three Case Studies below. Where there is more than one person arrested/charged in that case, please focus on ONE of the subjects for the purpose of this research paper.

Step 2. Describe the process that the offender would go through in the criminal justice system, beginning with arrest. For purposes of this assignment you are to assume that the offender will be eventually convicted, thus your paper should also include all stages in the criminal justice process subsequent to conviction. Upon conviction, you must also determine the probable sentence the offender will receive, (institutionalization or community-based supervision); explain why the sentence you have chosen would most likely occur, and what the offender can expect in light of this sentence. Students who exhibit mastery of this project and how the system works will also provide a probable alternative to the selected sentence, fully explaining “why” this alternative could also occur. In essence, this paper will track the offender from removal from the community by police, to return to the community free of imposed supervision. (NOTE: There is a display of the Criminal Justice System Flowchart in Content-> Course Resources -> Global Criminal Justice Resources.)

Step 3. Conclude your analysis by discussing what you believe to be the weakest link in the criminal justice process and the strongest link in the process. Provide explanations to support your assessments for both. Careful critical thinking is required. Invest considerable effort in thinking about what you have learned over the course of the term in addressing this final aspect of the mission.

The sources you are to use to obtain information for your descriptions of the criminal justice process include the course reading material and two peer-reviewed journal articles. As an academic paper it must contain APA formatted citations throughout the paper whenever information is being presented from a source. You can find examples of citations and references through the following links:

Even though you may have personal experience in the field (e.g. police officer) or use knowledge obtained in previous courses, information used in this paper must be supported through the use of citations which meet the criteria for sources indicated above.

An example of the correct page header and title page format can be found in Unit 3 of the APA Tutorial in the Course Content.

Here are the sections that should appear in your paper, each of which should be subtitled:

  • · Introduction
  • · A brief description of the crime
  • · Description of the processes in the adult American criminal justice system the offender would go through, beginning with arrest
  • · Your analysis of the weakest and strongest links in the criminal justice process
  • - Conclusion

Form and Format Requirements

  • · Paper should be a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 2,000 words
  • · Double space
  • · 12 pt. font
  • · 1” margins
  • · Use APA citations for all sources
  • · Include reference page (not included in word count)
  • ·Additionally -
    • · Create a cover page for your assignment (not included in word count)
    • · Include your name
    • · Course title and number
    • · Project title
    • · Topic selected
    • · Date of submission

Case Study 1 - Child abuse

Watch the following YouTube video.

Following an introductory paragraph, your project assignment should start with the arrest of Melissa Chambers OR Travis Derrick.

Case Study 2 - Gambling

Watch the following YouTube video.

Following an introductory paragraph, your project assignment should start with the arrest of the Tracy Yoshimura. You may assume the scope and scale of this gambling operation is sufficient for felony criminal charges in this jurisdiction.

Case Study 3 – Arson and Murder

Watch the following YouTube video.

Following an introductory paragraph, your project assignment should start with the arrest of the Brandon Bledsoe OR Heather Raferty.

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An Application of the Criminal Justice System



Child abuse can be connoted as the act inflicting pain on a child. A child in this case is a
minor, a person who is below eighteen years of age, the pain can be in form of sexual abuse,
neglect, physical harm, exploitation or mental torture. There are two specific cases that offenders
are charged with in a court of law which include battery and assault. Battery and assault can be
defined as the acts of unlawfully issuing threats to persons that will create apprehension to them
(Walker, 1998).
It is evident that the act of child-abuse is associated with various debilitating effects. It
is heeded that children who have been abused are likely to experience several problems the main
problems are lack of trust for adults, relationship difficulties, emotional difficulties, depression,
anxiety, angers low performance in school. In the United States the state describes child abuse as
a crime that results in an imminent risk or seriously causes harm to the child’s welfare and health
resulting from physical sexual or emotional abuse. The person in question must be below
eighteen years and the abuse must come from care giver or a parent who is responsible for taking
care of the child ("Chandler couple arrested for child abuse", 2018). For the above acts to be
treated as child abuse the harms must be intentional, the offender must have acted carelessly, he
must also have acted negligently and the harm inflicted on the child should not be actual. Child
abuse is common in the United States this has forced the state to show concern on the children by
instituting state laws that protects children that have been abused. There is an established child
protection agency where cases of abused children are reported. The agency is also responsible
for hosting those children that have been abused and don’t have homes, they may adopt them or
offer foster car...

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