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Prepare a 3-5 page essay that addresses the questions posed in the assigned case study. Include a brief background on introduction of telemedicine in health care systems. Include a minimum of 4 academic references, in addition to the case book; APA format. Be sure to cite your references appropriately.

McAlearney, A.S. (2017). Case 19: The telemedicine opportunity for Geneva Health System. In McAlearney, A.S. and Kovner, A.R. (Ed.), Health services management: a case study overview. 11th edition. (pp. 138-142).

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Case analysis:
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Case analysis


Whenever healthcare services such as consultation as well as health assessment of
patients are delivered over telecommunications infrastructure, this is termed as telemedicine.
Telemedicine enables healthcare providers to be able to evaluate, diagnose as well as treat
patients without in-person visits (Kasprak, 2007).
Types of information to be collected.
Whenever one intends to make a decision, it is essential to have adequate information
with regard to the issue at hand for them to be able to make an informed decision. In this case
with the idea of introducing telemedicine capabilities at Geneva health system facing too much
resistance from physicians who have been working at the hospital, an informed decision will go a
long way at ensuring that they end up changing their already made up minds and accept that the
adoption of telemedicine will have more positive impact in comparison to if the idea is discarded
(McAlearney, A.S., 2017).
The summer resident should collect several types of information so as to be able to build
the overall evidence case for telemedicine at Geneva. To begin, the summer resident should
collect information relating to risks associated with the implementation of telemedicine at a
healthcare facility. This is in relation to the fact that by knowing this risks, adequate mitigation
measures will be developed so as to be able to reduce the negative impact associated with
telemedicine. This will in turn ensure that the hospital ends up being prepared to handle any
issues that may arise as a result of adopting telemedicine. Additionally, with the issue of risks
associated with telemedicine being one of the reasons as to why staff members are against the
idea of adopting telem...

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