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Ahmed Al Riyami Section Research Project-First Draft A Pollution in Iraq Can Iraq overcome its ongoing pollution problems that it has suffered with for a long time? Iraq is surrounded by Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and the Persian Gulf. Iraq is considered one of the most known countries in the Middle East that features by different climates due to the environmental diversity in Iraqi territory. Additionally, Iraq has a large population which is 39,192,111 in 2017. In fact, Iraq has suffered from wars for a long time. It was involving with Gulf War for 22 years which has affected the environmental life in Iraq. One of the main effects for this war was depleted uranium pollution. Generally, wars aid to pollute the environmental life, they pollute the water, air and soil. Moreover, human activities can be attributed as main factors for pollution problems in Iraq. One of them is oil companies which considered to be one of the most important factors for air pollution in Iraq due to Iraq has a large amount of oil. Furthermore, car fumes and processes of power generation play a large role in affecting the air in Iraq especially in the cities which have a high population. Iraq today are suffering from many types of pollutions such as depleted uranium pollution, air pollution and water pollution. All of these pollution problems can be attributed to the big role of wars, human activities and natural events like storms. If the government the Iraq does not solve these problems, it will increase in the way that harms Iraqi environment and people in the same time. These types of pollutions should be overcome by Iraqi government to present a clean environment for its upcoming generations. Water quality in Iraq is still bad due to the big roles of wars and wrong human activities. Water in Iraqi cities was weir, but in desert areas was scare, also, rural areas had a polluted water. People was getting the water from wells and river. In 1954, services of sewage treatment were primitive generally and governments was putting sewage in dumping grounds causing pollution of groundwater and soil. Moreover, between 1980 to 1988 Iraq had war with Iran. This war contributed to damage the infrastructure of Iraqi cities and health status. For this reason, water polluted and diseases spread over Iraqi citizens. Generally, the water quality in Iraq was bad previously. In the current years, poor water is still a problem for Iraqi citizens. Drinking water contains big amounts of toxic metals such as carbonates, sulfates and chlorides. Also, there is a large number of groundwater of drinking are brackish. Water pollution in Iraq can be attributed to many causes. One of these causes is industrial areas which 60% of them lack to effective water treatment for wastewater (Zolnikon,2013). This is a huge percentage of industrial areas is scare for water sources in Iraq especially rivers that locate around these factories because wastes that are thrown to the water may contain chemical and toxic substances, threaten organism and people who use this water. Moreover, wrong human activities, such as building many military factories around the Euphrates River, agricultural activities and cities swage, have played a great role in polluting the Euphrates River. In fact, the main factor for polluting the Euphrates River is the military factories building around the river (Hassan et al., 2010). In addition, oil spills play a great role in polluting the sea. Here is a big problem when the oil spills to the water which is toxic materials in this oil like benzene, a carcinogen that threatens marine organism. In 2011, 300 tons spilled outside Basra (Zolnikon, 2013). These oil spills are very dangerous for the sea environment and its organisms because oil has toxic substances that may kill these organisms. Another cause of water pollution in Iraq is the shortage of sewerage services where 17% of Iraqi citizens do not obtain sewerage services (Zolnikon, 2013). It is a big problem if they are living without these services because without these services the water will pollute and the diseases will spread over the citizens. All these causes leaded to many dangerous effects on people and environment. There many negative effects were caused by water pollution. One of the major effects of water pollution in Iraq is diseases. Because of water pollution, Iraq citizens suffered from many types of diseases including typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery (Zolnikon, 2013). According to the United Nation Children’s Fund, 70% of childhood diseases comes from water pollution. Moreover, in Babylon city, the number of citizens with cholera was 104 only in one month during 2010 because the sterile water imported from Iran (Al-Hamdani, 2009). These diseases show the problem scale of water pollution in Iraq and how it plays a great role in affecting citizens health. It is a big problem facing Iraqi citizens and the government of Iraq. Another effect of water pollution in Iraq is organism pollution. Due to the oil spills and factories waste, the water had been polluted in the way that may harm or kill organism living on it. In fact, organisms living in Shatt Al-Arab has big amount of heavy metals in its muscles and surpassed the permissible limit globally (Al-Hamdani, 2009). As this thing harms the organisms, it harms people too, who eat the fish from it. Overall, water pollution is threating people and organisms in the way that may makes them lose their life. Air pollution is considered one of the most major pollution problems in Iraq. It can be attributed to many reasons. In fact, dust is the main factor for air pollution. It has the ability to carry polluters like Co2 for long distances. Moreover, human activities including agricultural activities and oil refineries contribute directly to pollute the air in Iraqi environment (Al-Hasnawi et al., 2016). In addition, the number of cars, trucks, local generators and heavy construction equipment in Baghdad has increased since 2003 which contributes to increase pollution problems in this area. The studies indicate that around 104,673 cars were passing via Mohamed AL-Qasim in Baghdad street every day (Chaichan et al, 2016). The large number of these cars is very dangerous for the people living in this area because fuel combustion produces a lot of toxic gases like Co2 which affects directly people health. Furthermore, the toxic gases producing from fuel combustion cause acid rain (Chaichan et al., 2016). As a matter of fact, wars have played a large role in pollution the air in Iraq. In other words, the explosions of bombs and rockets produce heavy metals and toxic gases that helped to pollute the air in Iraq (Vidal, 2016). Unfortunately, wars do not know principles of environment conservation and society, they often damage environmental life in its various kinds. Generally, wars and human activities create the problem of air pollution in Iraq. Air pollution in Iraq has influenced many aspects on the environment and people. It has influenced people health. For instance, there many diseases can be attributed to air pollution like respiratory diseases. Moreover, air pollution may cause lung tissue (AlHasnawi et al., 2016). In fact, in 2010 around 30% of Iraqi children were born with birth defects due to the toxic gases produced by the explosion during wars (Vidal, 2016). All these diseases are harming Iraqi citizens in the way that may kill them or cost them thousands dollar to treat these dangerous diseases. Also, this thing is harming Iraqi government, which has the responsibility to treat these patients. As air pollution affects negatively people, it affects the environment too. Acid rain producing by air pollution causes many dangerous impacts on environment such as groundwater acidity and corrosion of buildings (Chaichan et al, 2016). Overall, nobody can deny the problem size of air pollution in Iraq and how it plays a big role in affecting the life of people and environment in the way that may kill and harm the people and organisms there. Depleted uranium is one of the most dangerous metals in the world. It is a heavy, toxic and radiation metal produced from natural uranium refining, and it has a high flammability. Moreover, it produces 1200 alpha of particle per seconds, which is very dangerous for the people exposing to it because it has the ability to damage kidneys and lungs in case it goes inside the body of organisms (Fathi et al., 2013). Because of the high density and the derivate nature of depleted uranium, it uses to make munitions. Also, it uses in Anti-tank weapons and aircraft balance weights (Background information on…, 2017). In addition, depleted uranium remains in the land for a long time which causes a problem for the people who are living on this land. For instance, plants living in this land absorbs metals including depleted uranium which directly goes to people, who eat from this land. Furthermore, depleted uranium causes many diseases such as cancers and birth defects (Fathi et al., 2013). In a brief, depleted uranium is a dangerous metal that all people and counties should avoid its risk. Gulf war had played a great role in creating the problem of depleted uranium pollution. In fact, Iraq had suffered from Gulf war from 1991 to 2003. Meanwhile the war, around 1200 tons of munitions were thrown in many areas. These munitions contain depleted uranium, which had polluted 350 sites in Iraq such as Adayah, Damerchy and Rehanyah. In particular, Adayah has two to three tons of radioactive materials because it was used as landfill for uranium waste in 1991(Fathi et al., 2013). All these large statistics show the problem size of depleted uranium pollution in Iraq. It is very dangerous numbers threating Iraqi citizens and their environment because of the uranium toxicity and its radiation. NRC: Background Information on Depleted Uranium. (n.d.). Retrieved April 16, 2018, from 9DAD025663122436209D18A67EA&rd=1&h=4IOM1z_T9EBfooGaKTtpRrhMTH7cpuyvpSy_AplZ68&v=1&r=,5070.1 ...
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