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The purpose of this assignment is for students to consider the ways in which budgetary allocations impact
the creation and delivery of social policies and programs. For this assignment, students will choose a
federal- or state-level public program and provide a detailed analysis of the funding of this program.
Specifically, students will:
1. Articulate and briefly describe the program they have chosen, stating what the aim of the program
is and who the program beneficiaries are.
2. Identify funding amounts for the most current fiscal year and the two years prior. State whether
the funding has increased, decreased, or stayed the same over this period.
3. Assess the adequacy of the budget allocation to support the program based on criteria such as
what the program goals and aims are, whether or not it seems likely to serve a reasonable
proportion of eligible beneficiaries, the level of per-beneficiary spending or amount, and other
information relevant to understanding whether the funding level matches the level needed by a
program or policy to succeed. Cite evidence you used to make this determination.
4. Discuss how the current budget amounts have or might have influenced the implementation and
success of the program. Articulate how recommended funding changes put forward by
stakeholder might influence program outcomes. Indicate what policy stakeholders are
recommending for current or future funding for this program.
5. Discuss the ways in which the political, social, and economic climate seem to have (or have,
depending on the evidence you find) impacted the funding for these programs.
6. Articulate how funding allocations and budget trends seem to have (or have, depending on the
evidence you find) affected different groups of beneficiaries, reflecting social and economic
justice implications of this.

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Medicaid Program Analysis Outline



Program Description and Funding Analysis


Adequacy of budget allocation


Influence of the current budget amounts on the implementation and success of the


Impact of political, social, and economic climate


Social and economic justice implications




Medicaid Program Analysis

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In social policy, the greatest emphasis must be placed on budget allocation by the
executive apparatus of the state as it controls the effectiveness and scale of social programs and
policies. This paper discusses Medicaid, which is a long-standing federal and state welfare
program that provides health coverage to underprivileged and low-income households. This
analysis mainly concentrates on looking into Medicaid funding patterns, its budget, and the
diverse impacts of politics and socio-economic factors. These, then, are meant to reveal the


intricate synergy between the budgets and the principles of social welfare. This paper uses these
aspects as a lens to reinvestigate the multiple variables that influence the effectiveness, quality,
and fairness of the public services that the budget allows to reach out to every round of
recipients. It will provide a deeper understanding of the broader implications of fiscal decisions
on public well-being.
Program Description and Funding Analysis
Medicaid, which was created in 1965 under Title XIX of the Social Security Act to help
prevent risky health cases, is the backbone of the health safety net in the United States
(Medicaid, 2024). The program's fundamental objective is to promote health standards for people
who are financially limited including children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those who are
disabled, that fulfill a set of specific requirements (Medicaid, 2024). Medicaid is essentially a
joint federal-state partnership and provides states with considerable flexibility in designing and
implementing their own Medicaid programs within the federal framework.
The last three fiscal years have been marked by the distinctive growth pattern of

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