Discussion Question about my company Costco and Reply to Classmate

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Respond to the following questions, based on the company you are analyzing (Costco):

Is your company's strategy ethical (Costco)? Why or Why not? is there anything that your company has done or is now doing that could legitimately be considered "shady" by your competitors?

Reply to this classmates discussion post:

Good Evening Class and Professor,

As a company Uber has grown rapidly since inception. I knew very little about the company until this class. I have to say I am embarrassed to represent them as a topic at times because of their "shady" practices. Our text highlights unethical recruitment tactics that consist of Uber trying to poach many of Lyft's employees. Uber hired teams of independent contractors to use burner phones and multiple credit cards to hire rides from Lyft in a program called operation SLOG. These "Brand Ambassadors" got a ride from a Lyft driver and spent the trip trying to convince the driver to switch over to an Uber driver. The burner phones and cards were used because Lyft has a policy that bans riders that are identified as recruiters. This behavior was supported and even when questioned, defended by Kalanick, Uber's former CEO. Unacceptable!

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