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Students must use the same drug topic for all of the current events and research articles for the semester. If a student chose marijuana as their topic, then all articles must pertain to the topic of marijuana. The subtopic does not have to be the same (i.e., law, treatment, research, etc…). Once the student chooses the article, he/she must write a summary of the article. Please check with the instructor regarding your drug topic. There will be 3current events articles chosen throughout the semester. Students may use any website or resource for these current events articles. I highly recommend using the IUB libraries as a source for researching current events articles in the media. Students must write a summary of the article chosen. A rubric for the current events summaries is included. Your Turnitin match rate must be less than 15% - do not copy phrasing or use direct quotes from article – must put into your own wording. The summary should be written in narrative form addressing each of the following areas:

? Drug name

? Why the article was written (this may be your opinion)

? What population is being discussed 

? Who the drug is affecting (may be same as population being discussed, but likely more – all should be clearly stated)

? How all of the above mentioned are affected

? Summary of the article

? Why do you think this article is interesting

? Why did you choose this article?

When writing the summaries, follow these formatting directions:

1. Separate title page consisting of the following: name, date, title of article, title of drug topic

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Article Summary: Understanding the Intentionality of Fentanyl Use and the Risk
of Overdose

Course Name:

Article Summary
Selected Drug: Fentanyl
Reason For The Research, Population and Who Is Affected By The Drug
The selected article (McKnight et al., 2023) is a mixed methods research study that
was conducted to investigate the intentional use of fentanyl among frequent drug-injecting
persons in New York City as an extrapolation of the wider urban drug-injecting population in the
US. The article chose this specific population because they stand the highest risk of fentanyl
overdose, as reported in the past few years. The article references data from the National Center
for Health Statistics, suggesting fentanyl was the primary culprit for increased out-of-hospital
drug overdose fatalities since the pandemic. Fentanyl-associated deaths increased from 47
million deaths per million before the pandemic in 2017 to 178 million...

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