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On the iOS game Escape from Alcatraz how do you get past the ghost or the broken pipe? Either answer is fine.

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1.The Warden's key
This is the first thing you need to do to escape from Alcatraz. The key can only spawn in 2 locations and is completely random. The spawn locations are either right outside the cafeteria or outside of the Warden's office.

Location 1:
Exit through the Gray door from the starting area and go up the stairs, drop down, If the key is there, you'll see it hanging from a electrified hook right outside the cafeteria. Near the the door to the showers, you'll see a red electrical panel to enter "afterlife" mode. Electrify yourself and you'll see a blue portal above you, sprint and jump up to get through it then to the left you'll see a electrical panel, Zap it and the key will be lowered.

Location 2:

Go through the same Gray door and up the stairs, turn right and then left and then right again, You'll see another locked door door on the 2nd story, unlock it and run all the way to the other side and you should see the key hanging from the electrified hook, Electrify yourself from the panel outside the warden's office and a portal will appear above the key, Jump through it and Zap the panel to the left and the key will be lowered.

PLANE PARTS: This will be broken down into separate parts:

Showers (Washing machine)

You need to open the doors to the showers, to do this, enter afterlife mode and enter the portal to the left of the MP5. Run through after jumping on all the pipes then turn around and leap onto the upper level, zap the electrical machine and return to your body.

Head down the showers and unlock the door to the washing machine, run to the opposite wall and zap the electrical machine and return to your body. Go to the washing machine and turn it on. The room will get extremely steamy and A LOT of zombies are going to attack you. Collect the clothes when machine stops.


Head down to the citadels from the Showers, when you reach the spiral staircase run down to the bottom and unlock the glass panel that has numbers. Run back to the top and enter afterlife mode, run back down, but watch for 3 numbers that will appear on the wall, enter these numbers on the number box by zapping in the correct digits, QUICKLY return to your body, QUICKLY run back down and through the hallway on the left, open the cage doors and pick up the part.


Go to the docks through the hallway from the citadels, there will be a fenced off area to the right, open the door using the wardens key and enter afterlife via the panel, zap the electrical machine and have a team mate grab the part inside the door that will open

Wardens office

Go to the room between the docks and the citadels, inside will be electrical machines, Enter afterlife mode and zap the 3 lit up panels (2 in the room and 1 through the portal) return to your body. To open the warden's door, go through the same portal you did for the key spot #2 and turn right, zap the machine and return to your body. Enter the open warden's office and grab the part.


The easiest & final part, go up the infirmary through the cafeteria and you'll see the part in a box next to the dog symbol, unlock it and get the part.


Enter afterlife mode after getting the final part and go back into the tiled hallway, you see a portal go through and up, You'll be on the roof now, Zap the volt machine beside the door and the roof door will open. Go onto the roof and build your plane on the crafting table.

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