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Develop a research paper based on Chapter 1 in the texbook on topc “the short run trade-off between inflation & unemployment”. Please review the attached details to complete this assignment.

This assignment is due on Sunday, 4/22/18 by 11:59p.m.

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.11 Sprint 7:08 PM © 11% 0 The course will require each student to prepare a course paper from a list provided below, or from other topics approved by me. The course paper must include at least three references one of which must be the text for the class. The paper is due no later than the end of workshop 6. Your paper is an important assignment, and constitutes 18% of your final grade, so a good start is important in order to you to turn in a good product. Don't delay on this! The APA format is to be used for your paper as well as all other written materials for grading. Each student is responsible for getting whatever information is needed in order to do a decent paper. The Averett University library website has excellent reference material, and access to good data bases. Again, please assure that your paper includes at least three sources/references. Students are to select from the following text chapter 1 "Beyond the final exam" sections and email their choice to the instructor and to the rest of the class. Please understand that students cannot select a subject that has been selected by another student. If all subjects have already been selected by other students, an alternate economic subject must be selected by the student and submitted to the instructor for approval. You identify your selections on Moodle week one. a. Idea 1: How much does it really cost? b. Idea 2: Attempts to repeal the laws of supply and demand - the market strikes back. c. Idea 3: The surprising principle of comparative advantage d. Idea 4: Trade is a win-win situation. e. Idea 5: The importance of thinking at the margin f. Idea 6: Externalities - a shortcoming of the market cured by market methods g. Idea 7: The trade-off between efficiency and equality h. Idea 8: Government policies can limit economic fluctuations but do not always succeed. i. Idea 9: The short-run trade-off between inflation and unemployment j. Idea 10: Productivity growth is almost everything in the long run. dea 9: The short-run trade-off between inflation and unemployment by Tanesha Lockett Sunday, 4 March 2018, 11:54 AM dea 9: The short-run trade-off between inflation and unemployment
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Hello there,As promised to you I just finished the essay you requested. The title of the Microsoft Word is " The short-run trade-off between infla...

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