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Write a paper with the following requirement 4 page and write MLA style

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Write another version of your first research paper about a major work of one of the authors from the list below. Minimum of 3 books and 5 articles cited as sources. Polish up a final version complete with citations and Works Cited page, then print out and bring in everything but the opening biography section. The intro and biography will be written in class by hand, using only notes, no rough draft, during the final exam period. Then clip it all together into one paper and hand it in. Turn in with the final copy the first page with my handwritten comments of your last research paper. If you want to keep that page; turn in a photocopy to me. Also turn in 5 source pages highlighted to show where you used information from that page. Wallace Stevens Walt Whitman Anne Sexton Sylvia Plath Fyodr Dostoevski Lorraine Hansberry Gabriel Garcia Marquez Seamus Heaney Robert Lowell Robert Browning Edith Wharton
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Surname 1
Anne Sexton: Biography and Literary Criticism of His Work
Anne Harvey Sexton, an American poet, was born in 1928, on 9th of November in Newton,
Massachusetts but was brought up in Weston. She was the third born of a family that was
moderately wealthy and well established. Lewiston Evening Journal’s editor was her grandfather.
Anne had difficult and also abusive relationships with her parents. The lives of women in her
family used to be more ornamental and less professional. Despite that Anne would make a way to
her career. She studied at the Garland Junior College for a duration of one year after which she got
married at an age of 19 years to Alfred Muller Sexton. Her husband worked as a wood merchant
just like her father. She then joined the Hart Agency to study a modeling course (Linardou 89).
She lived in both Baltimore and San Francisco. In her marriage life Alfred Muller, they
were blessed with two daughters; Linda and Joy, who were born in in 1953 and 1955 respectively.
In the year 1954, Anne Sexton was diagnosed with a rare psychological disorder, postpartum
depression. This mental condition made her be hospitalized at Westwood Lodge and our children
were forced to stay under the custody of her husband’s parent. In 1955, during her birthday, Anne
attempted committing suicide (Linardou, 92).
Her doctor encouraged her to engage in poetry work which she had gained interest in during
her high school life. And in 1957, Anne joined ‘Boston Centre of Adult education’ for a poetry
workshop. It is in those writing groups where Sexton made relationships and friendships with
poets like R...

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