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Essay 2: Using two of the following sources write a history of the Rodney King police-involved incident. 4 pages, excluding the citation page, in MLA 9 style. MLA page format required. Works Cited page and in-text citations required. No other sources may be used.

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Rodney King Incident Overview

A. Brief overview of the Rodney King police-involved incident.
B. Importance of the incident in shaping public perception and influencing police


The Rodney King Beating: Incident and Aftermath
A. Description of the beating incident captured on video by George Holliday.
B. Immediate aftermath, including public outrage, calls for police reform, and the
formation of the Christopher Commission.
C. Impact of the acquittal of the officers involved on the city, leading to the 1992 Los
Angeles riots.


Rodney King's Legacy and Reflections
A. Rodney King's personal reflections on the incident, captured in interviews and his
B. Rodney King's role as a symbol of police brutality and racial tensions in America.
C. The ongoing relevance of the Rodney King incident in discussions surrounding
policing, race relations, and social justice.


A. Recap of the significance of the Rodney King incident in shaping public discourse and
B. Final thoughts on the lasting impact of the incident and its implications for the future
of policing and social justice.

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Rodney King Incident Overview
I. Introduction
On March 3, 1991, an unfortunate turn of events eventually drew the attention of the entire
American nation. It was George Holliday who, without knowing what he was about to do,
inadvertently set a new page in American consciousness when he recorded the officers from the
Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) savagely beating Rodney King, a Black man, during
routine traffic. The nation was deeply shocked after witnessing King's unprovoked beating through
baton strikes, tasering, and kicks. This led to increased sensitivity for police brutality and racial
injustice issues, as well as debates and more vigilant attention to the issue from the public sphere.
KTLA broadcasted Holliday's recording, which was shared through the world within a few
minutes, provoking a massive reaction from almost everywhere. That angered many people,
including extremist organizations which condemned the officers' actions.
That infamous Rodney King incident has all but gone down in American history as one of
the most defining acts, later proving to be a trigger for community in-depth analyses that sparked
a call for police reform of unprecedented proportions. The significance of the case resides not only
in the blatant excessive use of force but also in the permanent effects on how crime is perceived
and how the judicial system operates. Besides commanding mass demonstrations in the streets, the
case against officers also triggered independent governmental investigations led by the Christopher
Commission. These aimed to change negative attitudes about law enforcement and increased the

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call for accountability and reform. Therefore, the Rodney King beating exposed the hidden truth
of racial prejudice and excessive force against police nearly going on endlessly. This was the
admission with other disturbing facts till justice was rendered. The Rodney King police-involved
incident remains a pivotal moment in American history, exemplifying the persistent challenges of
racial injustice and police brutality and galvanizing efforts toward meaningful reform.
II. The Rodney King Beating: Impact and Remedies of Brexit
The active video with George Holliday unveiled the scene that shocked humanity when it
came to brutality from the police. When the clip spread across the country, a spark ignited the
movement. On March 3, 1991, Holliday, startled from his sleep by the noise outside his Lake View
Terrace house, observed four white police officers of the Los Angeles Police Department making
a vicious beating on Rodney King, a Black man, during a routine traffic stop (Garcia 2021). Having
his Sony mobile close in hand, Holliday recorded on the camera video what was a nonstop beating
by the police, tasering and kicking...

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