how my family are supportive.

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this essay is about how my family is very supportive. I am a male, 23 years old studying business in the united states, while my family live in Saudi Arabia. I have three sister older than me and a brother younger than me. I have two parents. we are a total of 7 including me. My role in the family is a am the responsible one, i am very quiet, i always take car of my little brother. I am close to my sisters. I have a very good relationship with both of my parents. I moved out 4 years ago. They live thousands of miles away. my family are very supportive, they supported me in my education they are paying me tuition for college.

- use the word "I" minimally

- make the paper as objective as possible

- balanced paper (not a research paper with terms); make it personal

- be a real fanatic about citations, make sure to cite over and over and have a reference page (ASA)

- be aware of your "I" and "me" usage and make good use of your apostrophes; be a grammar scholar

- 3 page minimum

- make topic about something that moves you forward, can write about anything we've learned from class

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Parental Support Towards Education
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Parental Support Towards Education

A good family is one of the main foundations of proper and effective child growth and
development. The family provides the best environment for the immediate growth of a child
from birth up to a certain level at which they become independent (Desforges & Abouchaar,
2003). In most countries, the age at which teens are considered to be adults ranges between
sixteen and eighteen years. However, there are some basic needs which need to be provided by
parents to their children even past that level at which the children can be considered to be
independent. For instance, provision of such basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing as well as
education may go on past the sixteen or eighteen-year mark. It is important for parents and
guardians to provide the best possible environment for their children to grow and develop into
independent and responsible adults (Hill & Taylor, 2004). Taking an example of my life,
especially my academics, parents are tasked with a great responsibility to take care of their
children and support them accordingly.
Responsibilities as a Firstborn
While being the firstborn child in ...

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