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These are the instructions for the paper. I would like this rhetorical Analysis about the tootsie roll pop commercial. The paper needs to be at least three pages. This should be a highschool level paper

You will be conducting a detailed and thorough rhetorical analysis of an advertisement or advertisement campaign, exploring its relationship of text to images and how the ad’s elements function to give it a certain shape and direction to the audience’s response to it. Additionally, you will be determining the ad’s overall effectiveness for its purpose and audience as well as analyzing the myths and values it perpetuates. You will analyze the ad in terms of purpose, audience, context, message/myth, appeals, style, and design.

1. Choose an advertisement and conduct a rhetorical analysis of the advertisement that looks at its relationship of text to image. You will present your audience with a main/central idea that presents your interpretation of the ad/ad campaign and what it is selling to the audience (both the myth and the product) as well as how it is selling it. Presenting your analysis will help your audience resist “falling” for the ad; it may prompt your readers to critically engage with a particular ad; or your interpretation may serve to entertain your readers.

You will want to consider what tone, language, details, explanations, and design will best sell your ideas to your readers. What will be the best medium for your analysis? An article, a website, or something else?

You will want to consider: Answer all of these within the paper

What is the ad trying to sell? Is it the product or something else?

Who is the ad targeting (intended audience)? How does the ad attempt to relate to the audience?

What feelings is the ad trying to create?

What is the ad saying, implying or promising?

What appeals (pathos, logos, ethos) does the ad use and how?

How is text used? Does it support or detract from the overall message

How do the design elements (color, line, repetition) of the visual affect their argument?

What subliminal messages/double meanings are invoked?

Is anything in the ad idealized?

Overall, is it effective and why?

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1. Introduction
1. Analyzing the "How Many Licks?" Tootsie Pop commercial and its enduring cultural impact
2. The commercial transcended mere product promotion and became a beloved cultural icon
through clever advertising and tapping into universal human experiences.
2. The Product and Its Myth
1. Elevated a simple candy into a tantalizing puzzle by posing the "How many licks?" question
2. Tapped into human curiosity and desire to solve mysteries
3. Intended Audience and Relatability
1. Targeted children through use of relatable young protagonists
2. Fostered connections by portraying protagonists as fellow seekers of knowledge
4. Emotions and Appeals
1. Evoked nostalgia, humor, and sense of whimsy through visuals and music
2. Leveraged curiosity and suspense by withholding the lick count answer
5. Subliminal Messages and Idealization
1. Reinforced values like perseverance, resilience and respect for authority
2. Depicted idyllic setting to romanticize childhood innocence
6. Design Elements and Visual Appeal
1. Vibrant colors and repetitive elements enhanced engagement
2. Seamless text-visual interplay immersed viewers in the narrative

7. Effectiveness and Enduring Legacy
1. Became a cultural catchphrase transcending the confectionery realm
2. Symbolized universal childhood wonder and pursuit of knowledge
8. Conclusion
1. Exemplified masterful advertising through storytelling and emotional resonance
2. Transcended product promotion to become an indelible cultural icon


Deconstructing the Tootsie Pop Myth: A Rhetorical Analysis

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Deconstructing the Tootsie Pop Myth: A Rhetorical Analysis
In the world of advertising, a few campaigns go beyond their authentic purpose and
emerge as cultural icons. The "How Many Licks?" Tootsie Pop commercial, first aired in 1982, is
one such phenomenon. This classic advertisemen...

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