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Respond to the following questions, based on the company you are analyzing (Costco):

If you were making a speech to company personnel, what would you tell them about the kind of corporate culture you would like to have at your company? What specific cultural traits would you like your company to exhibit? Explain.

Reply to my classmates discussion post on the case he is analyzing, the Gap:

Hello Class,

I would like my company to perform in an ethical, honest, and sustainable manner. I would foster an atmosphere of inclusion, and encourage teams to think with innovation in mind. These may sound like platitudes, but they are core of almost every successful business today in some form or fashion. I would want company policies and procedures in place that leave no misunderstanding that we will conduct business in an ethical and honest way. I would promote culture of accountability, transparency, and ownership. This is how I would earn the trust of my employees, customers, and shareholders.

I would want a sustainable company, one that is a good corporate citizen of the both the world and the local communities we serve. This makes the brand more valuable and instills loyalty to the company which in turn will yield greater profit potential than not a having sustainable strategy in place. As part of this strategy I would want my company to value its employees in terms of pay and benefits, but also in terms of ideas, thoughts and innovations. I would want to attract high caliber talent and retain them as way to gain competitive advantage of rival companies. These are the qualities that I feel are necessary to have corporate culture of excellence and the direction I will take the company in.

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