WVU Core Arboretum Work Day Wednesdays

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I volunteered in this event on April 25, 2018

this is some information from their website:

Volunteers help keep the Arboretum beautiful, and you can be a part of the crew each Wednesday, from 4-7 pm (1-4 pm during winter)! We will work on trails, do invasive species removal, clean drainage channels, maintain lawn areas, etc. The program is open to all. It is hard work, but good exercise, and it is much appreciated by the Arboretum’s many users. Interested volunteers should email Zach Fowler (zfowler@mail.wvu.edu) to schedule a time slot, and WVU students and faculty should register on iServe. There is a limit on the number of volunteers that we can accommodate each day, but the program will be ongoing. Volunteers will meet near the Arboretum parking lot. Volunteers should wear closed toe shoes, long pants, and clothes that are okay to get dirty. The event will be cancelled if the weather is dangerous.

we cut the non native plants and clean the river.

I want a paper about this event and I want it to be related to the ecology course I'm taking right know ( about the type of plant that might live in this region). and summary and reflection of what you learned, saw, and did, relating it to topics we have covered in class.

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WVU Core Arboretum Work Day Wednesdays
Biology is the study of life, and the intricate processes that are linked to it while ecology
is the branch of biology that examines the relationship between living organisms, and their
environments. In the volunteering project at WVU Core Arboretum, which I attended on
Wednesday, biology, and ecology were manifested in a manner that reinforced what had been
taught in the classroom, and the various theories brought forth by various biologists, and
ecologists. At the WVU Core Arboretum, several activities were undertaken, their primary

Great study resource, helped me a lot.


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