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This is a case study work, need to read the article and use the article company to write an company analysis. Please follow the example to write a similar one but of the company Accor. Here is the company information and the sample analysis. Please make sure that do not need to write the sample page 4 which is an action plan. But instead add the swot of Accor. Thanks a lot. Two pages writing and one page SWOT and two chat.

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MEMORANDUM       To:  Irwin  Simon,  CEO/President/Chairman  of  the  Hain  Celestial  Group   From:  Eliot  Schvaneveldt,  Chief  Operations  Officer   CC:  Management  Team   Date:  Friday  December  18,  2015     Subject:  Evaluation  and  recommendation  for  The  Hain  Celestial  Group,  Inc.   The  following  memorandum  analyzes  the  industry  Hain  Celestial  operates  in,  its  business   model,  and  key  obstacles  it  faces.  Through  this  analysis  a  recommendation  is  then  described   and  an  action  plan  for  future  implementation  is  included.     Industry  Analysis   The  porter’s  five  forces  analysis  in  Appendix  A  analyzes  the  threats  in  the   “better-­for-­you”  segment  that  Hain  operates.  The  main  threat  is  the  industry’s  changing   structure.  Once  a  niche  area  only  offered  in  specialty  stores,  organic  products  are  now  on  the   shelves  of  large  retailers  like  Walmart,  Kroger,  and  Costco.  CPG  companies  are  pursuing   acquisitions  in  the  better-­for-­you  segment  increasing  the  severity  of  competition  for  Hain.   These  competitors,  like  General  Mills  and  Campbell,  have  the  money  and  resources  to  gain   significant  share  of  the  market.      The  better-­for-­you  segment  is  growing  twice  as  fast  as  the  conventional  food  segment   making  it  attractive  to  enter  both  economically  and  for  consumer  value  purposes.1  Small   organic  startups  find  it  hard  to  keep  growing  after  the  initial  growth  stage  and  don’t  have  the   resources  to  gain  substantial  market  share.  Current  challenges  in  the  industry  like  sourcing   ingredients,  distribution,  and  compliance  and  regulation  do  affect  the  attractiveness  of  the   better-­for-­you  market.  Many  times  these  challenges  are  only  realized  once  a  small  start  up  has   ventured  into  the  segment.  At  this  point  it  is  common  for  smaller  companies  to  be  acquired  by   larger  players,  since  they  don’t  have  the  resources  to  keep  expanding  alone.     Business  Model   Hain’s  business  model  capitalizes  on  these  acquisitions.  We  acquire  brands  that  have   our  same  health  and  wellness  focus  and  are  able  to  expand  their  reach  and  take  them  to  the   next  level  by  integrating  them  into  our  system.  Our  relative  competitive  advantage  lies  in  our   resources  and  infrastructure.  Specifically  our  relationships  with  supply  channels  (like  California   Almond  Companies)  and  distribution  channels  (like  Whole  Foods)  allow  us  to  weather  the   volatility  of  this  competitive  industry.  Key  obstacles  and  thus  possible  opportunities  for  Hain   moving  forward  are  outlined  below.   1  ​Bell,  David  E.,  José  B.  Alvarez,  James  Weber,  and  Mary  Shelman.  ​"The  Hain  Celestial  Group."​  Harvard  Business  School  Case  516-­007,  December   2015.   1   Key  Obstacles   ● Keeping  up  with  millennials’  changing  buying  habits.   ● Maintaining  a  relative  competitive  advantage  in  an  increasingly  crowded  industry.   ● Educating  consumers  about  confusing  label  claims  and  regulations.     Recommendation   Below  are  three  recommendations  for  Hain  moving  forward  considering  the  key  obstacles   outlined  above.     Packaged  Fresh  Produce  -­​  The  first  recommendation  is  to  acquire  a  brand  that  offers  packaged   fresh  produce  in  its  product  line.  Packaged  fresh  produce  is  the  organic  category  that  the   largest  percent  of  households  purchase  (just  under  55%).2  Hain  currently  does  not  offer   products  in  this  category  and  in  not  doing  so  is  missing  out  on  a  large  opportunity.  Millennials   especially,  are  not  only  shifting  towards  natural  and  organic  but  also  looking  for  those  fresh   products  at  an  affordable  price.  Hain  has  the  resources  to  get  efficiency  gains,  which  can   improve  margins  and  allow  us  to  offer  products  at  a  lower  price  point.     Focus  on  U.S.  Market  -­  ​Secondly,  Hain  should  focus  on  the  U.S.  market  before  looking  to  expand   globally.  One  analyst  found  that  Hain’s  top  100  SKUs  were  only  found  in  35%  of  U.S.  grocery   stores.3  Consumers’  views  are  shifting  to  see  organic  and  less  processed  food  as  a  necessity   rather  than  a  trend,  causing  the  entire  food  industry  to  change.  Hain  was  a  pioneer  in  the   better-­for-­you  segment.  This  is  our  chance  to  solidify  resources  and  processes  here  in  the  U.S.   and  reap  the  benefits  of  believing  that  consumer  interest  would  grow  significantly  in  the  future.     Umbrella  Branding  -­  ​We  are  very  efficient  and  effective  in  our  advertising.  While  each  brand  has   its  own  purpose  driven  marketing  there  is  a  disconnect  from  our  overall  brand.  With  an   increasingly  competitive  industry  labeling  claims  are  a  huge  threat.  Creating  more  of  an   umbrella  brand  would  provide  the  platform  for  us  to  educate  consumers  about  our  products   and  values,  while  allowing  each  brand’s  reputation  to  strengthen  the  rest  of  the  portfolio.     Alternatives   While  there  are  many  possible  strategies  moving  forward  for  Hain,  the  three  opportunities   outlined  above  (packaged  fresh  produce,  domestic  market  focus,  and  umbrella  branding)  are   three  ways  to  address  key  obstacles  the  company  faces.  Appendix  B  shows  an  action  plan  as   well  as  a  balanced  scorecard  for  these  strategies,  demonstrating  how  to  execute  and   implement  these  ideas  moving  forward.     2  ​Bell,  David  E.,  José  B.  Alvarez,  James  Weber,  and  Mary  Shelman.  ​"The  Hain  Celestial  Group."​  Harvard  Business  School  Case  516-­007,  December   2015.   3  ​Bell,  David  E.,  José  B.  Alvarez,  James  Weber,  and  Mary  Shelman.  ​"The  Hain  Celestial  Group."​  Harvard  Business  School  Case  516-­007,  December   2015.   2   Appendix  A:   Porter’s  Five  Forces  for  “Better-­for-­You”  Segment                                     3   Appendix  B:   Action  Plan     Action  Step/How   Who   When   Meet  to  discuss  possible  strategies  for   umbrella  marketing/branding   Marketing  Department,   Management  Team  &   Sales  Team   This  Week   Find  an  acquisition  opportunity  that   offers  packaged  fresh  produce   Acquisition  Team   This  Month   Finalize/implement  new  overall  branding   aimed  at  educating  consumers  and   gaining  more  overall  brand  recognition   Marketing  &  Production   Departments   This  Quarter   Prepare  detailed  acquisition  and   integration  plan  for  packaged  fresh   produce  company/finalize  acquisition   Acquisition  Team,    Top  Management,   Financial  &  Legal  Departments   This  Quarter   Continue  to  maintain  strong  relationships   with  suppliers  and  distributors  through   trips  and  communications   Management  Team   Now  and  Future                                         4    Balanced  Scorecard   Objectives   Financial   Customer   Measures   Targets   Initiatives   ●​  ​Profitable  growth   ●  ​  ​Net  Income   ●  ​  NI  200M,  250M,   ●​    ​Increase  brand  acquisitions,   through  acquisitions   ●​  ​Increase  sales   across  all  brands   ●​    ​Sales   300M  in  2016,  17,  18   ●  ​  Sales  growth  8-­  10%   for  all  brands     specifically  in  categories   where  products  are  not  yet   offered   ●​    ​Implement  umbrella  branding   ●​  ​Improve  overall   ●​  ​  ​Customer   ●​    ​High,  increasing   ●​    ​Help  educate  consumers   “Hain”  brand   equity   ●​  ​Increase  customer   loyalty   growth   service  rating   scores   ●​    ​Market   share  data   ●​    ​Increasing   about  label  terms   ●​    ​%  new   ●​  ​  ​15%  or  more   ●​    ​Acquire  brands  in  unserved   95-­100%   ●​    ​2-­3  and  Increasing   ●​    ​Engage  with  suppliers  who   ●​    ​Advertise  umbrella  branding     Internal   Processes   ●   ●   ●   Continue   expanding  product   lines/  brand   acquisitions   Manage/maintain   strong  supplier   engagement  and   quality  control   Manage/maintain   strong    distributor   relationships   products   released  each   year   ●​  ​  ​Random   inspections   ●​    ​#  of   meetings  or   interactions   per  month   ●​  ​  ​Pass  successfully   organic  categories   share  similar  health  and   wellness  values   ●​    ​Engage  with   distributors/suppliers  through   yearly  trips  to  strengthen   relationships            Learning  &   Growth   Maintain   core  competencies   like  product  quality   and  consistency   ●   Maintain   high  employee   satisfaction   ●   Integrate   Health  &  Wellness   into  all  aspects   ●   ●​    ​Product   ●​    ​Pass  successfully   quality   inspections   ●​    ​Employee   satisfaction   ratings   ●​  ​  ​Employee   work-­life   balance   90-­100%   ●​  ​  ​High,  increasing   ●​  ​  ​High,  increasing       ●​  ​  ​Employee  training  programs   ●​  ​  ​Employee  opportunity   programs   ●​    ​Hiring  process-­  acquiring   talented  individuals   regardless  of  current  need     5   ...

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