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Foundations of Professional Nursing NUR3846

Mississippi State University


For this assignment, you are an advanced nurse practitioner caring for patients. You will write a 2-3 page (not including title page and reference pages) persuasive paper to your fellow colleagues explaining how to effectively engage patients as part of the healthcare team. Answer the following questions in your paper:

  • Why should the patient be part of the healthcare team?
  • How can you, as an APNP, engage in active patient engagement? How can your colleagues? Why should this be important to them?
  • What informatics or system technologies can be used to engage with patients? Include a minimum of 3 solutions. example: patient survey
  • Propose a process improvement strategy that will be used to evaluate patient engagement based on the 3 solutions mentioned above
  • How do the AACN Essentials (2021), QSEN modules, and ANA Standards apply?

Incorporate a minimum of 3 supporting academic peer-reviewed sources (journal articles)


This assignment needs to be submitted following APA format (title page, headings, reference page, etc.). The 3-4 page paper . Citations from References that are synthesized from the assigned article, course text, evidence-based and peer-reviewed research articles, and other credible sources are required. A minimum of 3 resources are used. References must be current within 5 years

AACN competencies and sub-competencies must be clearly stated and appropriately applied

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Enhancing Patient Engagement in Healthcare

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Enhancing Patient Engagement in Healthcare
Patient-centered care is a vital aspect of quality practice in modern healthcare. Affording
patients the tittle participant recognition inpatient care is one way of empowering them to
perform optimally towards achieving better health. It is, therefore, our role as advanced practice
nurses to promote patients’ engagement and participation in their care as we make them a part of
our team. This essay seeks to describe and discuss the importance of consumer or patient
engagement, consumer and family involvement, the use of informatics and system technologies,
and how nursing standards and essentials apply to this practice.
Importance of Including Patients in the Healthcare Team
The addition of patients to the healthcare team changes the concept from a paternalistic
system to a collaborative one. Since patients have distinctive personal perspectives on health in
terms of their preferences, values, and prior experience, engaging them will result in the
provision of additional significant information to healthcare providers that can improve their
decision-making, adherence to therapy, and general outcomes (Seckman, 2023). Additionally, a
relationship of trust results in higher patient satisfaction, the improvement of health-related
behavior, and increased self-management.
Strategies for Active Patient Engagement...

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