Android rooting problems

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I am having trouble rooting my LG android phone. I am attempting to use super one click but it always stops at "waiting for device".. any ideas?
Nov 30th, -0001

 Many people used the Super One Click softwr for Root purpose & some people got the "Wait for Device" problems.

This may happens for mainly 3 reasons
1. U r  ADB/USB drivers r not properly installd
2. U r not using the latest Super One Click Version.
3. U installed the system update & since then Super One Click is not working.
1. Install PdaNet(DOWNLOAD FROM INTERNET). And follow the steps and it will automatically install the driver.
2. Once the drivers r installd then try again to root from Super One Click.
II. INSTALL THE SUPER ONE CLICK(install latest one)
1. Install the Super One Click and try to root now.
Check for latest versions of Super One Click software from following site

Jun 15th, 2013

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Nov 30th, -0001
Jun 28th, 2017
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