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Provide an in-depth analysis of a cybercrime.

10-12 pages: Not including title page and references

Must include the following elements:


  • Describe the type of cybercrime you selected.
  • Explain the evolution of the cybercrime, including when the cybercrime gained national attention and any circumstances or cases that might have prompted the national attention.
  • Explain how technology has influenced the evolution of the cybercrime.


  • Describe legislation related to the cybercrime.
  • Explain limitations and/or gaps related to the legislation.
  • Explain penalties in your state or country of residence for engaging in the cybercrime.
  • Explain the degree to which the penalties you identified are adequate for penalizing the offender.
  • Explain challenges law enforcement might face in the efforts to prevent and address the cybercrime.


  • Explain how law enforcement might utilize technological solutions to prevent and address the cybercrime.
  • Explain how law enforcement might utilize technology to benefit society and effect social change.

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The general aspect of cybercrime in the society can never be overlooked with the
emergence and extensive use of computers. Internet life has become simpler and has been
embraced with time. Technology has been integrated into the daily life of every person in the
modern society. Almost every person, regardless of age or region, depend on technology in
performing various activities such as chatting, learning, and gaming (Moore, 2014). The
unfortunate thing about the technological advancement we have experienced for over some years
is that it has been so vulnerable to potential damage which is caused by cybercriminals.
Essentially, Cybercrime is any illegal activity that is committed with the use of the
computer or the internet. During the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime of 2004, the formal
definition of cybercrime was agreed upon to mean “an illegal act where a computer network serves
as a location, means, target or source of the criminal act" (Alleyne, 2018). There are various forms
of cybercrimes that have been discussed over time. The most prominent are phishing, hacking,
virus dissemination, logic bombs, denial of service attack, email bombing and spamming, web
jacking, data diddling, salami slicing attack, and cyberstalking (Ablon, Libicki, & Golay, 2014).
Without a proper understanding of what hacking is and how to deal with it. One may lose a lot of
important data that may not be recovered back. This paper will provide details hacking as a
cybercrime as well as the legal laws that can be used to deal with it.
Hacking is an act of gaining an illegal air unauthorized access to someone's computer
system. According to Bossler, and Burruss (2011), hacking is the act of modifying the features of
a computer system with the aim of accomplishing a goal that is outside the developer’s original
purpose. This is to mean that, the person who engages in such an activity breaks into the security



system of the computer. These people are generally referred to as hackers since they engage in
hacking activities and has accepted hacking as a lifestyle and a philosophy of their choice (Bossler,
& Burruss, 2011). These people are skilled people with high expert skills and advance knowledge
and understanding of computer software and particularly the programming aspect of the computer
as well as computer language coding. Hackers can be categorized into two depending on the motive
they hold (Alleyne, 2018).
Crackers are one category of hackers. Through greed and voyeuristic impulse, they break
in the computer systems with the aim of stealing personal information and financial data if
corporation or banking institutions. They achieve this by modifying computer systems so that the
can have enough control of the operations in such systems. On the other side, there is a category
of hackers who engage in hacking only for intellectual curiosity. They are referred to as white hat
hackers. This kind of hackers is mostly used by companies and institutions to intentionally break
into the computer networks for the purpose of alerting the owner of the vulnerability of the
computer systems. Many of this white hat hackers engage in hacking activities just for fame which
eventually lands those jobs with top companies (Bossler, and Burruss, 2011).
Something worth noting is that the term initially was not associated with computers. It was
first used in 1961 by MIT's Tech Model Railroad Club members to modify the functions of high
technology trains. The intention was to explore, improve as well as to test the limits of the
developed programs. Throughout the 1960s to late 1970s, computers experts used hack shortcuts
to modify and improve the performance of mainframe computers which according to them were
slow. All this time the motive was to improve performance. Not until 1980 when people used to
carry out the illegal act of accessing other people computer and modifying their functionality. An

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