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European Energy Autonomy in the Shadow of the Ukraine Conflict - Outline


Europe's dependence on Russian energy


Vulnerabilities highlighted by recent geopolitical tensions


The Perils of Dependency: Europe's Energy Vulnerability Exposed by the Ukraine War

Risks associated with reliance on Russian energy supplies


Impact of gas supply disruptions on European energy security


Prevalence of Russian dominance in European energy markets


Immediate Repercussions on European Economies
a) Economic consequences of gas supply interruptions
b) Increased energy costs and economic instability
c) Political disorder and heightened tensions among European countries


Flaws in Current European Energy Policies
a) Overreliance on Russian energy imports
b) Lack of diversification and emergency preparedness
c) Need for radical policy reform towards energy independence



Blueprint for Energy Diversification and Independence

Holistic approach to energy autonomy, including renewables and nuclear power


Investments in clean energy technologies and infrastructure


International cooperation to diversify energy sources and enhance energy security
The Role of Geopolitics in Shaping Europe's Energy Future


Strategic implications of energy independence


Decreased vulnerability to external manipulation and geopolitical risks


Empowerment of Europe in global affairs through energy diversification



Importance of energy diversification and independence for Europe's future


Economic, environmental, and political benefits of achieving energy autonomy


Recommendations for policymakers to accelerate the transition towards energy


European Energy Autonomy in the Shadow of the Ukraine Conflict

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European Energy Autonomy in the Shadow of the Ukraine Conflict
Europe's dependence on Russia for energy and vulnerabilities, which have been
impediments for a long time, has recently gained even more attention at the international
diplomacy level (Kuzemko, 2013). Previously, European countries largely imported Russian
energy products, mainly natural gas, and played a massive part in their domestic energy
consumption. As Zhou et al. (2023) stated, Russia was the essential accountability for an
estimated 40% of total gas consumed by the European market. The dependence of European
nations on a single supplier becomes their vulnerability, which can destroy the security and
economic unity of the area, as any disturbance in gas supply from Russia might bring about a
catastrophic situation of lack of energy in NATO countries.
For instance, the Ukraine conflict showed Russia's readiness to benefit from its dominant
power by using gas supplies as a political weapon. Russia has frequently manipulated energy
prices, which has given the country the power to coerce and influence others (Stegen, 2011).
There have been cases of Russia purposefully jacking up political prices, and it has threatened to
cut off supplies of energy (Rutland, 2019). This series of activities not only adversely affects the
economic position of European countries but also undermines their political independence and
The current Ukrainian conflict shows European countries that action has to be taken on
the Russian energy supply and building up European energy independence to provide European
energy security. Energy diversification and independence are strategic for Europe. Therefore,
demanding radical policy shifts, further investments in renewable facilities, and strong strategic
partnerships with other countries can help to reduce energy dependence and increase supply
security (Richman & Ayyılmaz, 2019).

The thesis is to uncover how a war in Ukraine has revealed Europe's energy
vulnerabilities; immediate action should be considered for a swift change. By assessing the
constituent features of the contemporary situation and evaluating the effect of the inaction, the
paper proposes that energy sovereignty is a crucial element of safer and more economical
functioning of the European energy security systems, which can be effectively protected from
geopolitical manipulations.
The Perils of Dependency: Europe's Energy Vulnerability Exposed by the Ukraine War
Ukraine's conflict is not just a geopolitical tension maker; it also reveals obvious dangers
to European energy that arise from the dependency on Russian energy supplies (Zhou et al.,
2023). The weaponization of natural gas access is one of the most critical aspects of the
Ukrainian conflict. Europe's big private chunks are its gas and oil from Russia, making it easier
for Russia to use its privilege to be the leading energy supplier for political gains and to promote
its agenda (Bag et al., 2023). As an example, Russia exploited the tactic of withholding gas
supplies to Ukraine, and this exerted pressure during the conflict. Such a tactic impacts Ukraine
and brings grave consequences for Europe's strategic energy security.
Before the conflict, Russia supplied nearly 40% of natural gas imports to Europe (Jucca,
2024). However, the conflict does not allow those supplies to Ukraine to come to Europe. It is
the very cause of clubbing Europe with Russia; now, they have immense power to influence the
European energy markets, letting them raise their prices or limit supplies according to their
political agenda (Krickovic, 2015). The weaponization of energy supplies has only opened t...

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