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Project Name or type of entity: Expansion of Memorial Hospital

Expanding Service is Mental Health and Behavioral Health

You are writing a marketing plan for the expansion of service in mental heath and behavioral heath at memorial hospital

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Memorial Hospital Marketing Plan

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Memorial Hospital Marketing Plan
The development of the mental health and behavioral health facilities at the Memorial
Hospital marks the increased focus in the treatment of specialized care in mental health and
personality disorders. The main goal of this initiative is to increase the level of care received by
patients, to have positive outcomes and, eventually, to impact overall community well-being.
The main objective of this marketing plan is to implement a strategy for the purpose of
promoting the expanded services, effectively telling the audiences about their advantages, and
finally encouraging patient engagement and maximum utilization. In health, marketing serves as
a key impact in promoting awareness, creating trust and narrowing the decision gaps among
patients, caregivers, and relevant players which in turn brings quality and effectively improves
health care delivery and accessibility.
Market Analysis
The reach of Memorial Hospital's enhanced mental and behavioral health care covers a
wide range interms of demographics and psychographics. It is demographically oriented to
individuals of diverse age groups, genders, and social and economic levels requiring mental
health care for mental health disorders. Psychogrammatically, target segment reflects people
under pressure, anxiety, depression and generally someone who has either physical or mental
problems and their caregivers are equally seeking effective treatment a place which is also calm
and compassionate (Gilligan & Lowe, 2018).
In examining competitors, Memorial Hospital distinguishes itself primary competitors in
local market of health care with mental health services. Competitors' strengths may include


strong brand reputation, extensive service offerings, as well as their strategic partnerships with
such mental health professionals or organizations (Vimla & Taneja, 2021). On the one hand,
problems like limited accessibility, dated facilities or lack of special services may serve as basis
for differentiation from competitors and increased market share (Cohen and Neubert, 2017).
Healthcare market trends suggest a change of focus on the integrated care model with a
strong emphasis on teamwork and collaboration between the health providers, community
services, and support networks, to achieve wellness in a holistic way (Lim & Ting, 2012).
Additionally, there is a growing trend for remote health care and web-based psychiatry services,
triggered by technological developments and increasing demands for convenient, accessible
ways of getting treatment (Purcărea, 2019). The new trends demonstrate that Memorial
Hospital's extended scope of services is salient to the patients because of personalized treatment
options, and close monitoring ensuring that the patients are offered high quality care.
Market Research
For the Memorial Hospital's addition of mental health and behavioral health care, market
research used both qualitative and quantitative techniques to collect invaluable information and
data. Patient preferences and perceptions were explored through surveys involving present and
prospective patients to assess their satisfaction and satisfaction levels with mental health care
(Vimla & Taneja, 2021). These surveys provided us with quantitative data about quality of
service, accessibility, and value that we saw as a starting point to identify areas for improvement
and optimization.
Furthermore, sessions with the individuals that represented different dem...

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