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Discussion 9: Define the Study of Gangs 


Be sure to view this week’s video listed in the libguide, featuring Gerardo Lopez, before responding to this week’s discussion board.

What strategies did Mr. Lopez set forth that you believe would be most successful in encouraging street gang members to leave the destructive path towards prison and/or death? How might these strategies be put to use before a decision to join a street gang is made?

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Gerardo Lopez is known for his work with gangs and as an advocate for intervention
and prevention strategies. His approach likely focuses on addressing the root causes
of gang involvement, such as economic disparity, lack of educational and employment
opportunities, and the need for belonging and identity, which are common themes
among experts in this area. Based on these areas, here are some strategies that might
reflect Lopez's approach and are generally considered effective in encouraging
individuals to leave gangs or to prevent gang involvement in the first place:
Mentorship Programs: Pairing at-risk youth with mentors who have successfully
navigated similar challenges can provide positive role models and guidance. Mentors
can offer emotional support, advice, and practical assistance in making life changes.
Educational and Vocational Training: Providing access to education and job training
can offer alternatives to gang involvement by opening up pathways to employment
and self-sufficiency. These programs can also help to improve self-esteem and
broaden individuals' perspectives on what is possible for their futures.
Community Engagement: Involving y...

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