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Your employer is considering international expansion, and you have been assigned to prepare a country report for _____India______. The report should be about 6 or more pages, something that your boss could read and learn about India during a flight to that country.

The report concentrates on providing the following information in socio-cultural environment.

Socio-Cultural Environment


Style of communication

Style of business negotiation

Nature of business relationships

Business corruption


Popular attitudes toward business

Ethnic groups

Social, economic, political elites

Tastes and preferences

Special buying preferences of population



  1. Be sure to proofread the report.
  2. Double-space.
  3. Have page numbers.
  4. Use headings and subheadings to organize the report.
  1. Provide a BIBLIOGRAPHY arranged in alphabetical order at the end of the report. The Bibliography should identify at least 6 sources as APA style. These sources should be reasonably current with no more than 25% of them coming from before January 2013. Identify Internet sources with the complete Internet address. PROVIDE AN INTEXT CITATION.
  2. Other information sources include but must not be limited to the following:
    1. U.S. Department of State Background Notes and Country Fact Sheets web page and again select the country for your team’s report. Use the links at the Background Notes and Country Fact Sheets web page for your country to read about and identify relevant information to include in your team’s report.
    2. CIA World Factbook – Central Intelligence Agency
    3. The web site of your selected country’s embassy in the United States and again use the links to read about and identify information that the country provides on the history, culture, doing business, and other conditions in the country. Again, select relevant information for your team’s report.
    4. The Lonely Planet web site and use the links to select your team’s country. Use the links at your country’s web page to read about and identify useful information for a visitor to your selected country, including health and safety considerations, lodging, entertainment, cultural considerations, or other interesting information.
    5. Country Economic and Foreign Exchange Rate Data – International Monetary Fund
    6. GlobalEDGE
    7. Transparency International

a.U.S. Department of Commerce Market Research On this site there are a number of links but pay particular attention to the Country Commercial Guide for your country.

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Socio-Cultural Environment
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India is one of the potential markets that any business entity may choose for its
international expansion. Many western firms have identified India as one of the potential foreign
investments destinations due to various socioeconomic factors that support and promote
globalization. Even though India once faced economic challenges that hindered global
expansions of business, trade, and investments, the recent economic reforms and socio-cultural
changes that have been initiated in the country makes it one of the very attractive places to do
international business. This report provides an overview of the Socio-cultural environment of
India which every international firm planning for expansion in the country must adhere to
achieve success in India.
India is a multi-linguistic country with the urban centers speaking the local Indian
language mixed with English. The mix of Hindi into the official business communication in
India makes it a little bit difficult for a foreigner to negotiate business transactions. The national
dialect has also been incorporated into the Indian language and other variety of languages which
are officially recognized for official and formal communication in India (U.S. Department of
State, 2018). This means that a foreign firm must ensure that its representatives are well
conversant with more than one language to be able to negotiate various business deals with
major parties and stakeholders in India. With over 22 languages and regional dialects, English
and Hindi are regarded as the two official languages.
Style of Communication
Indian communication style is diverse to fit every context of communication from the
business perspective. Whether it is formal, informant or just having fun with business associates,



the communication style used varies. Indirect communication style in India requires parties in the
communication to read between the communications contexts to establish a strong relationship
with the other party. It means that the message is either a suggestion or implies whatever it
ought to mean India (U.S. Department of State, 2018). Within high context communication
context, the Indian communication style will be determined by the nature of the relationship
between them. Whether it is official, colleagues, friend, or business associates, the choice of
words must relate to the context of communication. For formal communication, the Indian
communication style must be sensitive to the hierarchy between the two parties to save the face
of the communication and its intended purpose.
Circular communication context in India may involve simple wander or weave to ensure
that the communication meets its intended goal. Besides, the Indian co...

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