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i will give you the prompt after i choose you. this is draft 1 which required 1500-1800 word. there are some readings.

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Rhetorical Analysis of with my eyes closed
Life often turns out different than we imagine it to be. Everyone has a place they go in
their head that gives them joy where there are no problems and everything is as it is supposed to
be. This is what Reinaldo Arenas does with the story with my eyes closed. Through the eyes of an
eight-year-old, we get to experience the cruelty of the world and helplessness we often feel when
we cannot do anything to change what is going on around us. It is during these times that we
choose to close our eyes and experience life differently in our minds. There is a lot of ugliness in
the world at times and it is often hard for us to process for it. This is even harder for a child who
may not understand how the world works. A lot of emotional appeal is used in this story and it is
hard not to sympathize with the innocence and kindness of this child (Soto 120). Logos is also
used as in some cases this child does not understand what goes on in the minds of other people
when they choose to commit evil. Through this story, we also get the implication that sometimes
things become clear when we close our eyes, with our eyes closed we can be able to see the
world better. Through the naïve eyes and viewpoint of an eight-year-old boy, Arenas is able to
question some things that go on in the world. This story, therefore, uses the understanding of an
innocent mind, inferior common ground, simple language, pathos and logos to demonstrate how
cruel and unfair the world really is while at the same teaching us to aspire to maintain certain
values that make us human.

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Emotional appeal is the most prominent strategy used in this book. In fiction use of
emotional appeal is meant to involve the reader in the argument (Foss 8). Forming an emotional
connection with a book...

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