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Assume that you are working in a community health department. The department has some federal money that it wants to allocate to two health promotion programs from the following:

  • Decrease in deaths from cardiovascular disease
  • Decrease in deaths from breast cancer
  • Decrease in teenage pregnancy
  • Decrease in cigarette smoking
  • Decrease in incidence of diabetes
  • Decrease in motor vehicle accidents
  • Decrease in osteoporosis and hip fractures among women
  • Decrease in obesity

Identify the health promotion programs that you would want to investigate and get them approved by your instructor.

Address the following questions:

  • Identify the risk factors associated with the selected health promotion programs.
  • What is the target population associated with the selected health promotion program? Consider the hypothetical target population, consisting of middle-aged women, male adolescent gang members, premature infants, etc., and describe the characteristics of each program.
  • What are the risk factors that you want to focus on in order to achieve the objective of the health promotion program?
  • What intervention would you recommend to be most appropriate to reduce exposure to these risk factors? You can choose at what level of intervention you want to implement each program (primary, secondary, tertiary health intervention).
  • What will be the process by which this intervention will achieve the goal of the program?
  • What will be the anticipated outcome of this intervention?

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Assignment 1: Emerging Technology
In the future, technology will take the lead role in the field of healthcare and make
personalized medicine with the help of Artificial Intelligence and data analysis, which, in turn,
will improve the outcomes of the patients. Remote monitoring, as well as telemedicine, will
make healthcare more available and will remove the obstacles that prevent patients from using
the service, and at the same time, it will lead to early interventions (Serrano et al., 2023). One
priority competency for the MSN-prepared nurse is the ability to use health informatics
successfully, as the integration of technology into health care evokes nurses' inclination to
interpret and efficiently manage the information stored in the information systems. Another
crucial competency is the ability to adapt to emerging technologies for telehealth and AI-driven
tools, as these would help nurses implement innovations to improve patient care and outcomes
(Burrell, 2023). These competencies correspond with the AONE competencies for nurse leader...

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