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The Ummayad and Abassid were the original Islamic empires. How would you compare them by focusing on their similarities and differences? Provide very specific examples to back up your arguments. Your developments should be one and a half-page long, typed and single spaced.

1. The Time of the Four Caliphs (632-661)

2. The Ummayya empire (661-750)

3. The Abbasid empire (750-1258)

4. Muslim Spain: a general overview

5. The Ottoman Empire (1299-1450S)

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Islamic is one of the oldest religions in the world. Islam is practiced all over the world
and hence has a lot of follows. Muslims are people who practice Islamic religion. Almost all
countries in the Middle East have Muslim citizens. As such, Islam is widespread in these regions.
Islam also stretches from some parts of North Africa to central Asia. The rise of Islam started
with some empires which were established to promote Islam in the world. The Muslim empires
were formed and run for certain specified period. Some of the key Muslim empires were; The
Time of the Four Caliphs (632-661), The Ummayya empire (661-750), the Abbasid empire (7501258), Muslim Spain: a general overview and The Ottoman Empire (1299-1450S). The empires
from the earliest days explain how Islamic religion was spread to various parts of the world
(Darling, 2008). These empires were run in different regions around the globe each at its own
The Ummaya Empire
The Ummaya and Abbasid empires are some of the earliest Islamic empires and form the
first Muslim empires. The ...

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