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You are the director of safety and security at a major manufacturing plant. The plant has 1,800 workers and runs three shifts a day. The night shift has about 400 workers on it and runs from midnight to 8:00 AM. The security supervisor for the night shift reports to you that there are some unusual activities going on during the night shift involving three of the younger male employees. You decide that you will visit the plant during the night shift to observe this behavior for yourself.

The night you arrive, you realize that you know one of the three young men involved, and he has always been a good worker and a very serious person. You note right away that all three men have an extraordinarily high energy level. They are having a hard time settling down at their assembly points on the line. They are whooping and hollering all the time over the noise of the shop. They are aggressive to the point of pushing other employees around physically. You notice extreme cases of acne and body odor on all three men when you walk by them. Their eyes are glassy and dilated.

At their 3:30 AM lunch break, they cross the street to an all-night diner. You notice that they sit with a man wearing a motorcycle jacket with local gang colors. They do not eat, but only have coffee. You see them pay cash to the man with the jacket and he hands one of the three men a small package. When the man with the motorcycle jacket leaves, he mounts a motorcycle and rides off. The three men go to the men’s bathroom in the diner. They are in the bathroom for almost 10 minutes. When they come out, they are boisterous, agitated, and overly animated with their movements.

In your paper, answer the following questions based on the scenario in a 10-12 paper:

  • How does the drug use in this company affect the coworkers, safety, and company production?
  • What is the likely drug being abused by the three workers under suspicion?
  • Why did that drug get identified?
  • Would it be better to involve the police immediately? Why or why not?
  • Should you refer the workers to the Employee Assistance Program? Explain your decision.
  • Does the association of the motorcycle gang with the company workers impact the company?
  • Why type of liability could the company face if it does not take definitive action concerning this situation?

It is critical that, when you make a statement of fact in your presentation, you cite the reference that you used to obtain the information from. Do this in the text of the paper, and then include the reference in your References page. As always, your paper will be submitted in the current edition of APA format. No abstract is required because this is a short position paper, but a title page, reference page, and appropriate running header with page numbers are necessary.

Final Answer



Drug Abuse at Workplace




Drug Abuse at Workplace
Drug abuse at the workplace can cause great problems to the company and the employees
involved, as well as other employees and even customers. According to the National Clearing for
Alcohol and Drug Information, approximately a hundred million dollar loss is suffered by
companies in the United States due to alcohol and drug abuse (Buddy, 2017). This cost does not
even include the pain and suffering as well as other aspects that cannot be measured by a
monetary value which are brought about by drug abuse at the workplace. Usually, employees
spend much of their time at work than at home. It is therefore natural that such acts as drug abuse
can contagiously spread to even the most unsuspecting people as they try to find a sense of
belonging in bad companies (Abuse, 2017). Studies reveal that most substance abusers started
taking the drug as a pastime activity and before long they become addicts who need ed medical
and psychological help. However, drug abuse at work impacts adversely to the company’s
reputation, its productivity, and the other employees.
Effects of Drug Abuse on Company's Productivity and Employees' Safety
Drug abuse at the place of work is most likely to result in low productivity. It is because
drugs have many negative effects. The first negative effect is on one's health. Drug cause health
problems such as headaches, confusion, sleepiness, respiratory problems, failure of body organs
and even death. For one to be fully productive, he or she needs to be in good health. Drug abuse
deteriorates one's health hence reducing their productivity. When employees are involved in drug
abuse, the general productivity of a company is likely to go down.



Drug abuse can cost a company a major employer. This is because it can result in serious
illnesses making one unable to work anymore. It can also cause death. Some employees have too
much experience and skill to be replaced easily (Cushard, 2017). When a company loses such an
employee due to drug abuse, productivity is likely to go down by the time a replacement who is
equally or almost as good is found.
Drug abuse also causes frequent absenteeism of employees from work. Due to the health
problems caused by drug abuse, an employee who abuses drugs is likely to be late for work or
absent for several days or weeks in a given period. Employees who abuse drugs are likely to ask
for sick leaves more often. Absenteeism will affect productivity in a company. Absenteeism
affects a company's productivity in two ways (Cushard, 2016). First, absenteeism affects
productivity at an individual level and secondly at a team level. In simple terms, if one works for
only a few days in a week or a month, their productivity is likely to be less than that of a person
who reports to work in all working days. From the teamwork point of view, when some
employees do not report to work, they leave their work to be done by those who have reported
making some of the team members overworked. In another case, some of the work done by an
employee cannot be done by any other person on the company, and this can cause a complete
halt of activities if the employee does not report to work. If the work of the other employees
depends on that of an absent employee, this means workflow is disrupted by the absenteeism of
one or several employees. Absenteeism of some employees discourages the rest of the team. It
can also cause disagreements especially if some people keep doing the work of others when they
are absent. It interferes with the relationship among team members resulting in low productivity.
Absenteeism also affects the productivity of a supervisor. When there is a lot of absenteeism, the



supervisor directs their effort in dealing with that instead of other things that could develop the
Absenteeism reduces profits of a company. Where there is no revenue increase, increased
the cost of running an organization results in reduced profit margins. Absenteeism can cause the
company to pay the present employees extra money to work overtime to cover for those who are
absent (Thomas et al., 2017). Absenteeism can also force the company to hire contract
employees to work during the time some workers cannot come to work due to illnesses caused
by drug abuse. All these activities increase the running cost of the organization hence reducing
its profit margin. If employees with specific roles are absent, revenue decreases. Employees also
rarely hit their goals on time when they do not report to work as required. It can lead to
unsatisfied customers hence affecting the profit-making of the company.
Drug abuse impairs one's judgment. When employees abuse drugs during working hours,
they increase their likelihood of getting injured as well as injuring others. A manuf acturing plant
has machines which need to be handled carefully (Neeper et al., 2016). Working with such
machines while under the influence of drugs can make one get hurt or others. It can also result in
mishandling and the breakdown of the machines causing further losses to the company.
The effects of drugs are both physical and psychological. Cocaine, for instance, affects
the moods of the user (Gawin, 1991). The rest of the employees are therefore nor safe when
working with one or several who are under the influence of drugs during working hours. It is
because of the emotional instability the drugs cause. While on drugs, one can easily snap and act
violently towards others. The effects of drug abuse on one's emotion also affect the relationship
between the employees. Working with someone on drugs can be very difficult. It is because such



a person is not thinking straight and their reasoning is impaired. Such a person can also be unable
to solve little disagreements without involving violence.
Other effects of drug abuse at workplace place include tardiness, poor decision making,
absent-mindedness, hallucinations, and running of illegal activities in the organization such as
trading of the drugs (Neeper et al., 2016). . Employees who abuse drugs can also involve
themselves in criminal activities such as embezzling the funds of the company to purchase drugs.
Such employees can also influence and introduce others to the drug abuse activities.
The Drug, the Employees, are Abusing
The likely drug being abused by the employees, in this case, is cocaine. It is because
cocaine is a fine powder which can be packed in small packages. One also needs to sniff just a
little to feel the effect (Gawin, 1991). Cocaine can also be easily sniffed in the bathrooms of a
workplace without one being discovered because it does not leave any odor. Cocaine made one
boisterous and agitated. It also makes one work with a lot of energy since it makes the mind
Why the Supervisor Should Involve the Police Immediately
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