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The audience for this paper should be one who has read the story through once but has not yet studied it to understand it on a deeper level. Your paper will be analytical in purpose. This means that your ultimate goal is to choose significant moments, quotes, or techniques from the play, present them, and explain how they work together to create larger meaning. Your paper will analyze three related conflicts from The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Your three conflicts must be related. For example, you could write about three conflicts within one character, such as Proctor's conflict with the court or "justice" in general, Proctor's interpersonal conflict with Abigail, and Proctor's internal conflict of guilt. Or, you could write about three characters (perhaps Mary, Elizabeth, and Proctor) who conflict with the court. You will explore one conflict per body paragraph. Each paragraph will: • Summarize: Explain the conflict. • o o • • • • Which three conflicts will you write about? Are they between two people? A person and an idea? A person and their conscience? o Think about what the conflict means. What is the author trying to say about life, truth, humanity, paranoia or another theme? o Think about how the conflicts relate to and build on the others. o Gather supporting quotes from the play (at least two per conflict). Discuss the scope: Is the conflict between two people? A person and an idea? Or between the person and their conscience? Interpret: What does this conflict mean? What is Miller using this conflict to say or show about life, truth, humanity, paranoia, or another theme? Relate: How do these conflicts relate to and build on the others? Support: Use at least two quotes from the play. Your conclusion will tie all of these conflicts together. Your body paragraphs should build into an insight, or an overall message or theme that Miller conveys through The Crucible. Your conclusion will vary depending on what conflicts you choose. Do all the conflicts relate to one theme, like "justice" or "paranoia"? Or do they show how a character changes over the course of the story? A summary of your paper will not be sufficient for your conclusion you must discuss what the conflicts mean. This essay should be between three and five pages (750-1250 words) in length. Your final draft should be saved and submitted as .doc or .pdf file. It should be in 12-point font in Times New Roman. The Crucible play is below: https://www.mpaper.net/mpaper.php?hash=20e681b4-76... (p. 171-247) ...
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Conflicts from The Crucible by Arthur Miller
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Conflicts from The Crucible by Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller gives an insight of how conflicts arise and affect people between and
within themselves. The major actors that have acted scenes of conflict are John Proctor and
Abigail Williams. A major conflict that has been reflected by Arthur is the manner human beings
reason and the fear of irrational hysteria. Salem trials attracted the attention of Miller through the
unreasonable hysteria of how anti-communist during the period of MacCarthy. The conflict is
brought to the light of the audience in Act II in the second scene when actors Francis Nurse, John
Proctor and Giles Corey talk to Judge Danforth concerning the trials. The reasons offered by the
men on talking about the trials were valid, believable, and appealing to Reverend Hale. However,
accusations of the girls emerge winners of the outcome an act that sends Hale to withdraw from
continuing with t...

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