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this essay in two part. part one is ok but part two wasn't I want you to retype the part two with a different story.

I will uploaded the whole essay to see the way how it was written to use the technique.


I want the part two be in story about my neighbor and he is christian and we are friend at the first he had a bad idea about islam and we used to talk a lot about religions and h always ask about islam and when he hear anything in the news he came and ask if it is true finally we still good friend even we practice a different religions. write about 500 words

these ^^ a good idea to write about.

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Running Head: CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM RELIGIONS 1 Christian and Muslim Religions Part One Christianity has always been associated with the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is believed to be the Messiah by a majority of the Christians. Christians believe in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Also, they believe in his crucifixion which is dated to approximately year 30 of the Common Era ("Christianity in America | The Pluralism Project," n.d.). In a bid to make people believe the Messiah, Paul recognized as a Jewish tentmaker converted to the way of Jesus and started preaching to all individuals including the Jews, nonJews, and Gentiles. Paul is also recognized for his involvement in nurturing the small Christian communities. He also wrote letters to Christians and churches in the Mediterranean world. His letters to the Christians are found in the New Testament. The New Testament comprises of the four Gospels that are common and familiar to most Christians. The Gospels tend to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ. Further, the Gospel books including Mathew, Luke, Mark, and John are believed to have authority for the Churches. It is imperative to understand that numerous small Christian churches have evolved over the years. The first Christian missions that were centered on preaching and spreading Christianity were Franciscans, Spanish Catholics, and the first Jesuits. The missions were founded in 1573 CE. The first missions were responsible for the creation of the other forty-four missions that CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM RELIGIONS 2 followed. Some of the other missions include the pilgrims that arrived in 1620 CE. The Anglicanism also arrived in the Christian world in 1607CE. The Pilgrims are recognized as the first Christian community that became permanent in the Plymouth plantation region. In 1649 all Christians in the world were granted religious freedom. People were free to engage in their worship without following any restrictions dictated by other churches. During this period the Protestants had gained government control thus making it easy for them to restrict the religious rights of the Roman Catholics. Despite the restrictions on the Roman Catholic religious practices, the Catholic churches continued to attract large masses of people to listen to their preaching about Jesus Christ. Additionally, the declaration of independence had allowed more people to have the freedom to engage in their religious practices regardless of their differences. The independence was a starting point for the civil religion enjoyed by numerous individuals in America. People had an opportunity to experience a flexible set of religious practices and ideas. As such, the freedom of indulging in numerous religious ideas would enable America to be the center of God’s plans. Further, the religious ideas were not meant to make any reference to a specific religion. Therefore, individuals from distinct denominations had the freedom to agree to or disagree with propositions made regarding religion. Also, despite the Protestants’ decision to put restrictions on the Catholics, in the 1840s CE, the Catholic population had started to increase in the land. In the 1860s the Roman Catholic had become one of the dominant and largest religions in America ("Christianity in the World | The Pluralism Project," n.d.). The religious landscape in America had been hanged due to the arrival of numerous Catholic immigrants. The immigrants from Ireland and Germany had CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM RELIGIONS contributed to the large population ready and available to make the Roman Catholic a recognizable denomination. Another denomination that rose to a dominant position is the Pentecostal church which was said to be the fastest growing church in the 1970s within the US. Over the years new churches are being created and developed from the existing denominations. However, they all preach the same thing which is Christianity, Jesus Christ as the Messiah and God as the creator of everything in the world. References Christianity in the World | The Pluralism Project. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://pluralism.org/timeline/christianity-in-the-world/ Christianity in America | The Pluralism Project. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://pluralism.org/timeline/christianity-in-america/ 3 CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM RELIGIONS 4 Part Two Being a Muslim individual in the US is not an easy thing even though numerous people belong to this denomination. The experiences of discriminations from the Christians do not make being a Muslim in the midst easy. As a Muslim, I have discriminations from fellow Christians, prejudice, and racism among others. Muslims and Christians find it hard to believe in each other’s religious ideas, beliefs, and practices. The majority of the Christians associate Muslims with terror activities (In Heath and In Tarus, 2017). On the other hand, Muslims assume that Christians are hypocrites. I have had distinct experiences with the Christians in the nation. For instance, some of them are willing to support my religion either because they do not agree with Christian ideas or they are half Muslims and half Christians. On the contrary, it is hard to identify a full Christian that is willing to accept and accept the Muslims. The Christians have a negative thing to say and associate the Muslims with. In the same, way the Muslims also have negative opinions of the Christians. I remember a time when I had to share a class in college with a Christian individual who was always opposed to my religion. According to the student, Muslim is a religion or denomination that is associated with theological threats ("Issues in Christian-Muslim Relations: Ecumenical Considerations — World Council of Churches," n.d.). Also, the students claimed that Muslim is an economic and political threat. The students painted a negative picture of the Muslim religion. He assumed that Christianity portrayed a positive self-image as opposed to CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM RELIGIONS 5 Islam religion. In most of our classes, we would end up fighting verbally since we had negative thoughts and opinions concerning each other’s denomination. Although the student made an effort to abuse my religion I had to reciprocate and defend my denomination. For instance, I always instead that Christianity was not about preaching the gospel but rather against the Muslims. I maintained that most Christians indulged in crusades that would focus on being against the Muslim religion rather than sharing the Bible teachings. On the other hand, the Christian student would try to criticize our beliefs and ideas regarding Prophet Mohammed. According to him, Jesus Christ was the only Messiah and the son of God. The criticisms from the student and I made it hard for each of us to understand each other’s religion. I believe that proper dialogue would have helped avoid such circumstances where we had to fight for our religion to be respected. It is imperative to understand that conflicts between individuals of different religions arise due to poor communication and the lack of dialogue. The misunderstanding between Christians and Muslims are not because of the differences in our ideas, practices, and beliefs. The conflict results from the lack of understanding and appreciation for the different denominations in the world. Based on my experience I remember that my fellow student utilized arguments that were associated with what he had heard from other individuals. The arguments did not have adequate proof to back them up. In the same way, I do not have much knowledge of Christianity, and yet I was ready to defend my religion by any means possible. As such, through dialogue and effective communication, the misunderstandings between the religions could be mitigated. CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM RELIGIONS References In Heath, G. L., & In Tarus, D. K. (2017). Christian responses to terrorism: The Kenyan experience. Issues in Christian-Muslim Relations: Ecumenical Considerations — World Council of Churches. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.oikoumene.org/en/resources/documents/wcc-programmes/interreligiousdialogue-and-cooperation/interreligious-trust-and-respect/issues-in-christian-muslimrelations-ecumenical-considerations 6 ...
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Islam and Christianity




Muslims in the United States is usually viewed negatively due to different reasons.
People tend to stereotype Muslims as terrorists just because some Islam followers have been
involved in terrorist activities. Like any other individual in the society, Muslims too needs
friends from other religions to enable them to lead a better life. Even though a good number of
Christians supports Islamic are and have no problem with Muslims, some of them still view
Islamic religion as negative. As such, many Muslims are usually discriminated by Christians in
the society. This makes their lives hard and ther...

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