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I need to complete the attached chart for the Marketing issue Costco has.

Marketing... See attached.

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Action Plan Problems/ Issues Employee Turnover Recommendations Offer an attractive benefits package to appeal to various demographics based on region. Implementation Plan Timeline for Implementing Responsible Departments Work with corporate HR to implement a package based on the region’s potential employee demographics. While the company may be able to implement standard benefit offerings already, the need to customize packages would likely take up to a year. Planning should begin the Fiscal Year prior to implementation/open enrollment. Corporate Human Resources and the regional HR and management teams. Carrying out promotions such as free delivery, same E-Commerce Increase its eday delivery and Competition commerce to reward programs on account for at least fresh goods which will 45% of its sales. increase the number of buyers. Costco will introduce new products such as technology and other Diversification Add new products departments such as to its chain. alcohol which will boost its earnings. Marketing Improving and increasing their e-commerce presence will surely boost their revenue and allow Costco to better compete in the market. An effective plan for this may take up to one year. Introducing new products that include technology and possibly alcohol will take about a year to implement due to licensing reasons. Sales Department, Marketing Department Sales Department, Legal Department I need to complete the chart above for the Marketing issue Costco has. In our paper, this is what we have on the Marketing issue: Marketing Due to its low prices and reputation, the company deemed it unnecessary to engage in extensive advertising or sales campaigns (Thompson et. al, 2018, p.34). The management should address this area and start extensive marketing campaigns. Marketing is done to create awareness of the organization which could attract more consumers. It also helps differentiate the organization from others by stating its values and the quality of their products. The move could help gain a lot of new users who would boost the organization’s finances. Therefore, it is a critical area which the management should highly consider. Separate from the chart, I have to address the professors comments below for, ECommerce Competition, Diversification and Marketing. This is a paper so I don’t need to type the questions and then answer them. I need something written out that addresses the questions below. So for clarity, I need 3 separate paragraphs 1 for E-Commerce Competition, another for Diversification, and another for Marketing. Each paragraph should address the questions below. Also in the paragraph for Ecommerce competition, I need the comment the professor left in the graph addressed. This is a serviceable chart. You also need to supplement it with a narrative to provide more detail and background (see the questions raised above) to your recommendations. You also need to include some information such as: 1) How much do you think it would cost to do these things and what kind of benefit should the company expect by doing this? 2) Does the company have the ability to implement these ideas as it currently stands or do they need to get additional resources to have a successful implementation? 3) what do you think is a reasonable timeline to have the suggestion fully up and running?
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Hello! The answer is ready. For clarification, was i supposed to rewrite the marketing part? If anything else is needed, let me know!

Action Plan



Implementation Plan

Timeline for Implementing


While the company may be

Offer an attractive

Work with corporate

benefits package

HR to implement a


to appeal to

package based on the



region’s potential



based on region.


able to implement standard


benefit offerings already, the


need to customize packages

Resources and

would likely take up to a year.

the regional HR

Planning should begin the


Fiscal Year prior to




Carrying out
promotions such as

Improving and increasing their

free delivery, same

e-commerce presence will




Just the thing I needed, saved me a lot of time.


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