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An Ecological Approach to Understanding Health Communication

Choose a health problem that you would like to create a health communication campaign for. This campaign will take place in your neighborhood. In deciding to create the campaign, you have decided to explore what impacts the health problem you have chosen, using the ecological model.

Explore each factor of the ecological model for your chosen health concern and be specific when listing components. For instance, list specific nonprofit organizations dedicated to your health concern, list specific schools in your neighborhood, and so on.

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Understanding Health Communication

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Understanding Health Communication
Obesity is a global problem. It has affected many countries worldwide. More than 39.6%
of adults in the US have this condition (CDC, 2022). Children and teenagers are also affected.
This means that everyone is affected by obesity. It is estimated that obesity rates will increase.
Obesity must be controlled to improve people's health status. Obesity is a risk factor for diabetes,
hypertension, and cancer ...

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