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Read a different chapter from "The Seven Secrets to Healthy, Happy Relationships". How does the chapter relate to your life? What have you done in this area? What would you do differently? What will you teach your children about how to make better choices? 

Include examples from your life. Provide some analysis of the topic. An "A" paper provides depth, not just a cursory glance.  Papers should be 600-850 words, double-spaced, 1" margins, and uploaded onto this Assignment page. If you need to know how to upload your paper, read the Instructions for Papers and Tests. And you can find out how to read my comments on the second tab.

Please run your spell-check beforehand!  Try reading your paper out loud.  This is a great way to catch errors.  Your paper should be in standard English, with appropriate grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.  You are not texting your friends here.  This is a college course, and college-level communication is expected. If you need help with this, please use the tutoring services at NetTutor.

College guidelines on plagiarism are strictly enforced. Original work is expected; copying off the internet is considered plagiarism. Quoting a source is fine when necessary, but sources must be cited.

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Your paper for this assignment will be used to determine if you have achieved the Student Learning Outcomes for the course, for the purpose of the college's accreditation.  I will be using a different grading method for this paper, but it still counts as 100 points, just like all the others did.  It isn't "more" important than the other work you've done in the class...but I need to report your scores (anonymously!).  Please don't stress about this! Instructors all over campus are randomly doing something similar.  

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Nurturing Healthy Relationships Through Healing and Awareness

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Nurturing Healthy Relationships Through Healing and Awareness
A profound truth is woven throughout human relationships: maintaining happy ties
requires mending past hurts. Amara (2018) explores this discovery in "The Seven Secrets to
Healthy, Happy Relationships," chapter 4, highlighting the critical role that awareness and
healing play in creating strong ties. This investigation highlights how important it is to
acknowledge and heal emotional wounds from the past to make space for more fulfilling
relationships. This essay explores the transforming potential of self-awareness and relationship
healing by drawing on personal experiences and ideas.
I connect with the idea of mending old hurts to improve current relationships. There have
been times when unresolved emotional bagg...

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