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Mothers' Legacies in "My Mother's Blue Bowl" and "My Mother Pieced Quilts"

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Mothers' Legacies in "My Mother's Blue Bowl" and "My Mother Pieced Quilts"
The narrator in Alice Walker's memoir "My Mother's Blue Bowl" and the speaker in
Teresa Acosta's poem "My Mother Pieced Quilts" both discover precious lessons by watching
the lives of their mothers and the world through the lens of their possessions.
In "My Mother's Blue Bowl," the narrator looks back at their mother's life and how she
gradually released her material possessions as she was aging (Walker, 2014). The narrator's
mother "owned little, in fact," and "more and more of what [the narrator] remembered her having
seemed to be missing" with each visit (Walker, 2014). Her mother tells her, "If there's anything
you want, take it when you leave; it might not be here when you come back" (Walker, 2014).
Therefore, through this experience, the narrator understands that her mother has been cut off
from the material world, putting more on spiritual things. The narrator says: "permitting her
worldly possessions to dwindle in significance, lightening her load, well before her spirit would
turn to roll away from her" (Walker, 2014).
In a parallel manner, in "My Mother Pieced Quilts," the speaker reflects on her mother
sewing quilts from old fabrics and clothes. She's in awe of how her mothe...

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